Frankie Grande Reveals Why He Had An Emotional Breakdown On Big Brother Reindeer Games


  • Frankie Grande opens up about his emotional breakdown after winning a spot in the Reindeer Games finale and his journey of sobriety.
  • Frankie wanted to prove to himself that he could compete sober after his previous experience on BB16.
  • Despite facing challenges and being targeted, Frankie’s strong physical abilities and social connections helped him navigate the competition and make it to the finals.

Big Brother Reindeer Games led player Frankie Grande to one of the most emotional moments of the season, and he’s sharing what viewers didn’t see on screen about his breakdown. In the most recent episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games, there were only five BB legends left to compete for the final four spots in the final competition. Frankie would be competing along with Nicole Franzel, Xavier Prather, Britney Haynes, and Taylor Hale for the four spots in the Reindeer Games finals. During the episode, Frankie felt certain he needed to win his way into the finals, as he would be an unlikely player for someone else to bring.

On his Instagram, Frankie broke down the moments after he won his way into the Reindeer Games finale after beating Xavier and Britney in a competition. Frankie, who has been clean and sober for over six years, shared that during the prior competition, he’d opened up about his sobriety in front of the rest of the cast and the crew. Before the second competition, a makeup artist approached him and shared their own 40-year sobriety journey. “Tiffany’s make

up artist…said because I shared my story…he wanted to come and show me he was 40 years sober.”

Frankie shared that he’d come to Big Brother Reindeer Games hoping to prove he could compete in the game while sober. “I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this as a sober man, that I didn’t need to rely on the drugs and alcohol that I was on during BB 16,” Frankie explained. “When I won that competition and I knew that I had made it to the finale…I lost it, I just lost it. I was so proud of myself.”

How Is Frankie Grande Doing On Big Brother Reindeer Games?

While Frankie may have made it to the finals of Big Brother Reindeer Games, he hasn’t had an easy time making his way through the competition. He was in jeopardy from early on the game, when he chose to work with his Big Brother 16 allies Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel. While he didn’t get targeted during the first episode of Reindeer Games, Frankie faced Santa’s Showdown along with Cody and Xavier during the second episode. Coming back from Santa’s Showdown after narrowly avoiding elimination, Frankie knew he had something to prove. He spent the next several episodes trying to put himself into a better social situation.

Though Frankie was working hard to make sure his spot in the Reindeer Games was safe, he wasn’t sure that he was going to make it through the competition. Facing Santa’s Showdown on multiple occasions, Frankie’s competition was pushing to have him leave the game with his threat level being so high. As a fantastic physical competitor, Frankie’s mix of physical and social connections in the game were threatening to everyone else on Big Brother Reindeer Games season 1. Fortunately for Frankie, he was able to navigate the competition and make his way into the finals, using his personal strength as a tool to empower himself.

While it’s not yet clear if Frankie will be the winner of Big Brother Reindeer Games, hearing about his personal journey behind the scenes of the series has been interesting for fans. Though many hope to see another cast member win the series, Frankie has been a huge factor into everyone’s gameplay on the series. It’s possible Frankie could take the win on Big Brother Reindeer Games and ultimately find the strength in himself he’s been looking for throughout the competition.

Source: Frankie James Grande/Instagram