Former Doctor Who Star Shuts Down The Possibility Of Returning As The Time Lord


  • Former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi isn’t interested in reprising his role, despite the precedent set by David Tennant’s return.
  • Capaldi enjoyed watching the recent Doctor Who specials and praised the performances of Tennant and Catherine Tate, but he personally has no intention of coming back.
  • Capaldi likes the idea that his Doctor is still “out there” and not confined to the TV show, allowing for interpretation and imagination of his story.

Former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi shares he isn’t interested in reprising his role. Capaldi portrayed the Twelfth Doctor for three seasons between 2013 and 2017 before being succeeded by Jodie Whittaker. While the show has, at times, brought back former Doctors and companions for anniversary specials, Capaldi has not yet been back. However, David Tennant’s temporary return for the show’s 60th anniversary and his shocking regeneration twist paved the way for further Doctors to also return.

In an interview with Forbes for his show Criminal Record, Capaldi explained that despite the new precedent set, he has no intention of returning to Doctor Who soon. A lifelong fan of the show, he did watch the anniversary specials and praised Tennant and Catherine Tate’s performances. While he likes the idea of his Doctor still being “out there” due to Doctor Who‘s bigeneration twist, he responded with a “no” when asked if he would return. Check out his statement below:

I enjoyed it. I thought it was great and a lot of fun. It was wonderful, exuberant, and full of life, drama, and monsters. David was wonderful, and Catherine Tate, of course. It’s Doctor Who, you know, it’s a gas and a good thing in the world. It’s a nice, fun, exciting thing, and I look forward to the rest of the specials and Ncuti Gatwa coming along. I’ve met him, and he’s very inspiring and charming…

No, I’m a long-standing Doctor Who fan from being a kid. Haggerty [Capaldi’s Criminal Record character] is the same age as me, so maybe he watched Doctor Who, too. He’s of that era. I like the idea that my Doctor is still out there. He’s not available to come and be on TV. The real Doctor is not on TV, the real Doctor is out there.

Peter Capaldi Is Right About His Doctor’s Return

Capaldi’s rejection of returning to Doctor Who may be disappointing to some. Ever since the show’s regeneration twist, viewers have pondered over which Doctors might return, including in Doctor Who season 14. However, reluctance to return may not necessarily be a bad thing, especially given that some are still skeptical of the bigeneration. According to Russell T. Davies, the bigeneration impacted all incarnations of the Doctor, with each splitting from their successor and continuing to exist in splinter timelines.

This idea has stirred a bit of controversy as it fundamentally changes all of Doctor Who lore. Additionally, there are questions of whether the stakes and emotion of the series will be less because of this development or if Ncuti Gatwa won’t fully be in the spotlight due to the potential of other Doctors to return. While Tennant’s Doctor is the only one confirmed to exist in the same timeline as Gatwa’s, the bigeneration could potentially mean that further Doctors will return to the main series or even receive their own spinoffs.

Even though Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor exists in the same timeline as the Fifteenth Doctor, he is also not expected to return to Doctor Who soon. Davies has described his character as “parked” and enjoying his happy ending with the Noble family.

Capaldi’s statement, though, briefly explains why further Doctors shouldn’t return to Doctor Who. This is because any alternate iterations of the Doctor are more likely to be out there traveling the world and enjoying their happy endings instead of being on TV. One of the biggest allures of the bigeneration twist may not be that these Doctors can return to the show but that viewers can now interpret what happened to them. The “real” Doctor could be anywhere in the world right now, and it’s quite fun to imagine all the possibilities of their story rather than confining them to one in Doctor Who.

Source: Forbes

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