Flash’s Lord of the Rings Moment Is the Perfect Fandom Crossover


  • Flash’s actions in Titans: Beast World #6 mirror Frodo’s iconic Mount Doom scene in Lord of the Rings, as he destroys a malevolent artifact by dropping it into a volcano.
  • The Lord of Chaos Helm in the comic serves as a parallel to the corrupting Ruling Ring in Lord of the Rings, both possessing the ability to corrupt the wearer and being destroyed in fiery depths.
  • Given the striking similarities between the scenes, it is highly likely that writer Tom Taylor intentionally referenced Lord of the Rings in this issue, leaving fans eager to discover more future fandom references in his works.

Warning: Potential Spoilers for TITANS: BEAST WORLD #6!DC Comic’s first hidden Easter Egg fandom crossover moment of 2024 seems to have landed as Flash experiences a distinctive Lord of the Rings homage. Although it is unconfirmed whether this was an intentional tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic work, it would be surprising if this crossover was unintentional on Tom Taylor’s part, given the striking similarities.

In Titans: Beast World #6 by Tom Taylor, Lucas Meyer, and others, Flash and Starfire rush to Raven’s aid in the battle against Doctor Hate, who turns out to be Raven’s escaped demonic half. This dark version of the Titan proves to be even more powerful than Raven herself, thanks to the Lords of Chaos Helm.

However, Kori successfully headbutts Evil Raven and removes the helm, swiftly passing it to Flash, who speeds towards the nearest volcano, dropping the malevolent artifact into the molten lava. This moment strikingly recreates the iconic Mount Doom scene from the Lord of the Rings.

Wally West Recreates Lord of the Rings’ Iconic Mount Doom Scene

Titans Beast World #6 Flash throwing Doctor Hates Helm into a volcano pt 2

The sequence in Titans: Beast World #6 appears to resonate with specific aspects of the iconic Mount Doom scene from Lord of the Rings. A scene that involves Sam and Frodo climbing the volcanic peak of Mount Doom in their quest to destroy the One Ring. Mount Doom’s searing fires serve as the sole force capable of melting and obliterating the malevolent Ring, known for its corrupting influence and potential for great harm. Although Frodo doesn’t deliberately toss the ring into Mount Doom’s fiery abyss, it eventually finds its way there following a confrontation with Gollum.

Despite a few differences, this Titans: Beast World scene bears striking similarities to the aforementioned Lord of the Ring’s moment. The Lord of Chaos Helm serves as a clear parallel to the Ruling Ring, sharing the ability to corrupt the wearer and be wielded for malevolent purposes. Flash, mirroring Frodo’s actions, transports the sinister artifact to a volcano, leading to its destruction in the fiery depths. The evident similarities between the two scenarios are unmistakable, providing Wally with an epic Lord of the Rings-inspired moment.


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Tom Taylor: Lord of the Rings Fan Confirmed?

Lord of the Rings, Ring falling into Mount Doom and melting away

Given the striking parallels between these two scenes, it would be highly surprising if the reference to Lord of the Rings in this issue was unintentional on Tom Taylor’s part. As the comic circulates within the fandom, it will be intriguing to observe how many others pick up on this potential reference, and whether Taylor takes to X (formerly known as Twitter) to either confirm or deny it. If he affirms that Flash indeed had a Mount Doom moment, fans will undoubtedly be on high alert, keen to discern any other future fandom references in Taylor’s upcoming works.


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Titans: Beast World #6 is available now from DC Comics.


Titans Beast World #6 Cover

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Lucas Meyer, Ivan Reis, Eduardo Pansica, Danny Miki, and Júlio Ferreira
  • Colorist: Brad Anderson & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Brad Anderson