Final Destination 6’s Best Way To Bring Back Alex Is To Use The Original Movie’s Scrapped Ending


  • Final Destination 6 will break from tradition and focus on a team of first responders instead of young-adult survivors.
  • The sixth movie will still feature familiar hallmarks, such as characters cheating Death and the return of franchise vet Tony Dodd.
  • Final Destination 6 could incorporate Clear and Alex’s child as a nod to the original protagonists and an intriguing addition to the franchise’s plot.

The original Final Destination‘s scrapped ending actually sets up the perfect way to bring Alex back in Final Destination 6. Instead of recapitulating the same well-worn narrative beats, the upcoming entry in the enduring, death-dealing horror franchise is mixing up its formula. Instead of focusing on the young-adult survivors of a near-death experience, Final Destination 6 plans to break from tradition and center on a team of first responders. Whether they’re dealing with a car crash or an off-the-rails amusement park ride, the group will no doubt have a close brush with Death.

While Death will remain the sixth movie’s inevitable, inescapable antagonist, Final Destination 6‘s story will reboot the horror franchise. A re-imagining invites new twists and turns — hence the first responders angle — but the sixth film will still feature some familiar hallmarks. For starters, the characters in the series’ latest installment will probably try to cheat Death after seemingly circumventing their fate. Plus, long-time franchise vet Tony Dodd will return as Final Destination‘s mysterious William Bludworth. That said, it would be wise for Final Destination 6 to court nostalgia and revisit elements from the original movie.

Final Destination 6 Should Use Alex & Clear’s Son That Was Cut From The Original Movie

Even though Final Destination was considered a critical flop upon its release, the 2000 horror classic’s box office returns told a much different story: Final Destination made an impressive $112.9 million against a slim $23 million budget. After teenager Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) has a premonition of a disastrous plane accident, he and some of his classmates leave the aircraft in a panic. After the plane actually explodes, Death hunts down Alex and the other survivors who cheated fate. In 2003’s Final Destination 2, Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) eludes a fatal pile-up after having a similar premonition.


Did The Final Destination Films Have A Secret Final Girl?

The Final Destination films are a staple of modern horror, and despite the franchise’s grim premise, it still managed to have its own final girls.

Desperate to escape Death’s wrath, Kimberly seeks help from Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the last survivor of Final Destination. In the movie’s canon, Alex is killed by a wayward brick, but viewers still wondered why Devon Sawa didn’t return as Alex. Interestingly, Final Destination‘s alternate ending was going to reveal that Clear was pregnant with Alex’s baby. While the filmmakers decided to leave that thread on the cutting-room floor, Final Destination 6 has the opportunity to incorporate Clear and Alex’s child into its plot as a fun wink at the original Final Destination‘s late protagonist.

How Final Destination 6 Could Explain Alex & Clear’s Son

Clear Rivers in Final Destination 2

Final Destination is packed with Death’s rules and exceptions as well as plenty of narrative twists and turns. That said, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for the franchise to canonize Final Destination‘s alternate ending. In the unused ending, Clear gets out of Alex’s car and, pretty immediately, it ignites. Several months later, Clear gives birth to their son, Alex Browning II. The idea that new life helps one cheat Death is a concept that’s introduced in a subsequent film, but the movie’s writers were clearly kicking the idea around from the start.

Final Destination started as a spec script for an episode of The X-Files.

While the introduction of Alex Browning II would’ve complicated the overall timeline of the Final Destination movies, it’s an intriguing notion. Clear survives the events of the original film because of a different rule: she’s the last one left. In the sequel, Clear has a hunch about the “new life” rule, but it’s not necessarily because she’s lived it. With Final Destination 6 looking to reboot the franchise, it could still pay homage to the 2000 film by including Alex Browning II, who could’ve been born off-screen between installments.

Using The Son In A Future Final Destination Movie Would Be A Great Way To Honor Devon Sawa & Ali Larter’s Character

Devon Sawa as Alex Browning, Ali Larter as Clear Rivers, and Kerr Smith as Carter Horton in Final Destination (2000).

Despite being framed as a franchise reboot, Final Destination 6 plans to incorporate preexisting lore. For example, the upcoming film is delving into William Bludworth’s origins, which means the sixth entry in the long-running horror series could incorporate other Final Destination characters. A reboot approach doesn’t necessarily mean Final Destination 6 is erasing the events of its predecessors. Given that Alex Browning II would be twenty-something in 2024, it would be a fun homage to use the original Final Destination as the decades-old lore that grounds the events of the sixth movie.

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