Family Karma Cast: Where Are They Now?


  • Family Karma season 4 is currently on pause, but there is hope for a return in the future as the show has not been officially canceled.
  • Brian Benni from Family Karma is currently appearing in Winter House season 3 and is trying to get fans excited for a potential season 4.
  • Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos from Family Karma are happily married and enjoying life post-filming, attending events and parties with other Bravolebrities.

Family Karma has quite an interesting cast, and many fans want to know where they are today. In early 2023, Bravo aired Family Karma season 3, the most current season of the reality TV series. The season focused on Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos’ wedding, the potential engagement of Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam, and other important moments from the Family Karma cast. The show has become a favorite on Bravo, developing quite a fanbase, but the network has decided to put the series on pause. For now, the Family Karma cast will not be filming a season 4 any time soon.

Nonetheless, there is always hope for a return. Since Bravo never officially canceled Family Karma, it’s very likely that viewers will see the cast again in the future. Family Karma began in 2020 and introduced viewers to several Indian-American families who all moved to Miami from India around the same time. The show mainly focuses on the children in these families and any drama that may arise between them, their dating lives, and so much more. They also check in with the older generation, especially the aunties, who love their gossip sessions. So what is the Family Karma cast up to today?

Brian Benni

Brian is one of the more well-known cast members from Family Karma. Since he last appeared on the show in February 2023, he has managed to stay in the limelight. Brian is currently one of the main cast members on Winter House season 3, alongside Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Malia White, and more Bravolebrities. On Winter House, Brian tried to put the romantic charm on Jordan Emanuel and even Malia, despite calling her Sherk when saying she had many layers. However, he has his sights set on newbie Casey Craig, and who knows what could happen between these two before the season ends.

Other than appearing on Winter House season 3, Brian and his Family Karma cast have been trying to get the fans excited for a potential season 4. Back in May, Brian took to Instagram to share a video of him and some of his cast members answering their phones while on a treadmill. “Leave a message after the beep #familykarma…Let’s hype it up to bring us back for Szn 4,” he wrote in the caption.

Bali Chainani

Bali Chainani is the cool, younger auntie on Family Karma but hangs out with the younger cast members. During her time on the show, Bali opened up about her old life in India with her ex-husband, where she lived like a princess but left it all for a normal life in Miami. As for what Bali is up to now, she is living her best life in Miami, according to her Instagram.

Bali is still with her long-term boyfriend, O’Malley Dreisbach, and still hangs out with her Family Karma cast, especially the aunties. It’s unclear if Bali officially made the move to Kentucky in O’Malley’s home, but she did share a crucial of photos from the Kentucky Derby in April 2023. “I have #kyderby fever! … Countdown begins… #kyderby149,” Bali wrote in her caption.


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Amrit Kapai

Family Karma's Amrit talks coming out to his grandma on Watch What Happens Live!

At the end of Family Karma season 3, viewers say Amrit and Nicholas get married after a bumpy road to the altar. Despite the ups and downs, Amrit and Nicholas are still happily married and are enjoying life post-filming. He recently went to Kathy Hilton’s home for a DirectTV Christmas party that he, Nicholas, and other Bravolebrities attended. Amrit also attended BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas and hung out with other attendees, such as Whitney Rose from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Vishal Parvani

Vishal Parvani Family Karma

The last time fans saw Vishal Parvani on Family Karma, he was struggling with his alcohol consumption and finally bought a house with his wife, Richa Sadana. Since then, Vishal has also been enjoying life post-Family Karma. Vishal attended BravoCon alongside Brian, Amrit, and Richa as well. He also celebrated Diwali in mid-November with his Family Karma castmates as well.

Anisha Ramakrishna

Anisha Ramakrishna began Family Karma season 3 in a relationship with an unknown man who lived in Arizona. Anisha was very secretive about the relationship, not revealing his name, face, or occupation. However, Anisha did say she planned on getting married to her secret boyfriend and even gave him a proposal timeline. It seems he met that timeline as Anisha married her mystery man over a year ago. Anisha and her now-husband, Dr. Anand Tarpara, tied the knot in October 2022 at her parents’ home in Miami in front of 20 guests (via People).

Other than getting married, Anisha began a new career as a stand-up comedian. Her Instagram is filled with her stand-up routines and her many jokes related to family and relationships. Anisha has been very successful in her comedian career and recently did some shows in early December in London, England.


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Monica Vaswani

Monica Vaswani ended Family Karma season 3 on a rocky note. She was hoping her boyfriend of more than two years at the time, Rish Karam, would finally propose to her by her thirty-first birthday. However, it didn’t happen, and Monica was conflicted about whether or not she was wasting her time with Rish. However, good things come to those who wait, and Monica is finally done waiting. In November 2023, Monica revealed that Rish proposed earlier that month. She wrote in her caption, “We found our way. True love is learning, growing and never giving up […] Our hearts are so full and I’m over the moon to share our engagement with you.”

Rish Karam

Rish joined the cast of Family Karma as a side character during season 2, shortly after he and Monica started dating. From the moment he joined the show, Rish was bombarded with engagement questions. However, during season 3, there were rumors that Rish had cheated on Monica, but he quickly dismissed them. It seems the two were able to overcome the rumor since Rish proposed to Monica in November.

Nicholas Kouchoukos

Family Karma's Amrit and Nicholas pose for a picture after their engagement.

Nicholas has been on Family Karma as Amrit’s partner since season 1. The two later got engaged in season 2 and married by season 3. As for what Nicholas is up to now, he attended the DirectTV party at Kathy’s and the HRC National Dinner 2023 alongside Amrit.

Richa Sadana

Similar to Nicolas, Richa has been on Family Karma from the beginning as Vishal’s partner. The two were already engaged for seven years when they started on the show; however, Vishal and Richa finally got married at the start of season 3. Since appearing on Family Karma, Richa has been spending a lot of quality time with Vishal and going on vacations to beautiful places such as St. Tropez. Richa also attended BravoCon 2023 alongside a few of her Family Karma cast members.

Family Karma is available to stream on Peacock.

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