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  • Suits
    ended with season 9, but the show’s popularity has continued to grow since then.
  • The series finale of
    delivered a crowd-pleasing conclusion with two weddings and the birth of a child.
  • The decision to end
    after season 9 was due to the contracts of the cast members, but a new Los Angeles-based spinoff is in the works.

The hit legal dramedy has gained a resurgence since it wrapped up its nine-year run in 2019, and while there was never a Suits season 10, there is still a future for the franchise and perhaps even some of its characters. Debuting in 2011, Suits garnered a loyal fan base, and many viewers stuck with the show despite a slew of character changes. Fan favorites like Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) parted ways with the New York-based firm, leaving Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) the only remaining original cast members.

However, Suits cast members like Alex (Dulé Hill), Katrina (Amanda Schull), and Samantha (Katherine Heigl) provided the necessary support for the series to continue through to its conclusion. Suits came to an end with the series finale, “One Last Con,” which managed to pack two weddings and the birth of a child into its running time. Harvey and Donna got married, as did Louis and Sheila, and the latter couple had a baby girl soon after. Since the show ended, Suits has become a streaming hit, which has raised questions about a possible Suits season 10.

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Suits Ended With Season 9

Suits Delivered A Crowd-Pleasing Series Finale

Harvey and Donna walking down the aisle in Suits.

When USA Network brought back Suits season 9 as its final outing, it only had 10 episodes, less than previous seasons. This meant creator Aaron Korsh and the writers had to wrap up all the lingering plot threads in less time than they used to — but they managed it. Harvey, Louis and the rest of their allies were able to kick Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby) out of the firm after butting heads with her all season long. Mike was also there to help his former colleagues take down their shared adversary.

The Suits series finale ended on a happy note with Louis and Sheila’s wedding, but in an unexpected turn of events, Donna and Harvey also tied the knot with the bonus reveal that they’re both leaving the New York firm to join Mike and Rachel in their firm in Seattle. That essentially means that the law office would have to undergo one more name change to reflect the remaining lawyers as Harvey transfers to the West Coast. With Harvey and Mike gone, the story of Suits came to an end once and for all with no Suits season 10.


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Why Suits Ended After Season 9 (Was It Canceled?)

The Showrunners Knew The End Was Coming

Mike and Rachel posing with an image of the wedding finale in Suits.

The reason there was no Suits season 10 was because of the show’s contracts. It seemed incredible that the show would continue without Patrick J. Adams as Mike. He left after the seventh season, although he did return in a recurring role in season 9. It was Mike, practicing without a license, who was the main draw for the show in its early seasons.

However, when his story ended, Suits moved on with other legal-based storylines. There were other characters that the show had that allowed it to continue in Mike’s absence. According to series creator Aaron Korsh, the cast’s contracts ended after the seventh season, which is when Adams left (via Deadline).

“You can never know that one of your stars is going to marry the Prince of England, and Patrick decided not to return, so we had a choice whether to keep going after season 7. We decided that the original plan was a 16-episode season 8 and a 10-episode season 9, let’s see if we can do that.”

Katherine Heigl was brought in as a new character for the series, giving the showrunners a good way to end the series and make sure it could reach nine seasons. With that said, there was never a plan to move forward with more than nine seasons, meaning Suits season 10 was never in consideration. Korsh also admitted that they wanted 10 episodes for the final season to have a big summer finale for the series.


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There Will Be No Suits Season 10

Should The Show Have Continued For So Long?

Admittedly, it’s surprising that Suits was able to continue for two more seasons following Torres, Adams, and Meghan Markle’s exit in season 7. It’s still debatable whether the decision was for the best. Suits main hook was the great chemistry among its key players — particularly the dynamic between Mike and Harvey.

Luckily, the show was able to recreate some of that dynamic as Adams reprised his role a few more times before the show bowed out. While the show formally finished and there was no Suits season 10, the fact the show ended on the idea that Mike and Harvey were teaming up again — this time, for the greater good as they work primarily on class-action lawsuits — was a crowd-pleasing way to bring everything to a close.


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Suits Continued With Pearson

The First Suits Spinoff Didn’t Last

Gina Torres in her office in Pearson USA.

As the story closes in New York (with no plans for a Seattle-based follow-up), another one continued in Chicago with Pearson. Suits‘ first off-shoot series debuted in 2019 and focused on Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson as she entered the dirty world of politics in Chi-Town. After her decision to leave the New York firm and corporate law behind, she found herself thrust into an entirely new environment.

Pearson wrapped up its first year with 10 episodes and USA Network canceled the series after that one season. Following Pearson, Suits only lived on in a Japanese remake of the series, which only had two seasons.


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A New Suits Spinoff Is Being Made

An L.A.-Based Series Is On The Way

Gabriel Macht as Harvey and Patrick J. Adams in Suits

While there will still be no Suits season 10, the success of the series on streaming since it ended has allowed for another spinoff to emerge. Five years after Suits ended, a new Suits spinoff set in Los Angeles is coming together. The show will be set in the same universe but will focus on a new character named Ted Black, a former prosecutor who struggles with his new role in the legal world as he starts a firm that defends high-profile clients.

Unlike the Pearson spinoff, Suits creator Aaron Korsh is returning for this new series. However, so far, there has been no news of original cast members returning for the Suits spinoff.

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