Every Cat In Baldur’s Gate 3, Ranked By Personality


  • Baldur’s Gate 3 lets players converse with a number of animals throughout the game, by using the speak with animals spell, or a potion of the same name.
  • Among the many animals are 10 cats, which can be found and conversed with throughout the game.
  • The cats in the game have their own personalities, from pampered and pompous to fervent and adorable.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an epic game filled with characters and NPCs for the party to interact with and get to know. Strangely enough, several of these brilliant characters just happen to be cats, 10 of which can be found throughout the game and chatted with. With each cat having their own personality and quirks, tracking them all down is a must for anyone looking to uncover all their secrets and hidden quests.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.]

Of course, it goes without saying that any party wishing to experience these felines unique personalities will need to cast speak with animals in BG3 or use the potion equivalent. Those that do will quickly realize that Larian Studios has managed to produce some of the most accurate depictions of cats ever seen in a video game. From gleefully sharing gossip to pride in their hunting prowess, these BG3 cats may be small in size, but they have big personalities.


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10 Tambourine

Act 3, In Elfsong Tavern Kitchen

Tambourine the cat addresses the player in Baldur's Gate 3

Tambourine is one of two pampered cats that live at BG3‘s Elfsong Tavern and can be found in the kitchen. Tambourine doesn’t have a lot to say to the party, and will simply request that the rats in the basement be dealt with. Tambourine is obviously used to a life of luxury, as she can usually be found napping close to her companion Zambomba.

9 Zambomba

Act 3, In Elfsong Tavern Kitchen

Zambomba the cat wants help with a rat problem in Baldur's Gate 3

Zambomba is the second cat found in the Elfsong Tavern’s kitchens and is Tambourine’s faithful companion. Zambomba comes across as more than a little pompous, as he will explain to the party that killing the rats in the basement is beneath him before ordering them to take care of it. When paired with Tambourine, Zambomba is a delightful distraction from the seriousness of the main quest as Baldur’s Gate 3 nears its end.

8 Barsik

Act 3, Outside Sorcerous Sundries

Barsik is a black and white cat that can be found outside Sorcerous Sundries, to the left of the entrance. When spoken to, Barsik will attempt to convert the party to the worship of his goddess Sharess. Barsik is very fervent in his beliefs, offering the party the chance to swear themselves to Sharess by his paw to crush the Absolute. There is no quest or buff for doing so in BG3, but this cat priest will be very pleased to hear the party praise Sharess.

7 Myshka

Act 3, Outside Bonecloak’s Apothecary

Myshka is an adorable white, fluffy cat that can be found in an alley next to Bonecloak’s Apothecary. Myshka speaks a rare cat dialect, Mriaer, and will ask if the character speaking to him is his mother. Unfortunately, Myshka has only two lines in the game, so there isn’t really a chance to get to know him very well beyond his desire to have a mommy.

Myshka is one of three cats that are involved in a secret quest for Derryth Bonecloak if her husband Baelen died in Act 2, along with Barsik and Malta. After speaking with Derryth and then Myshka, he can be led back to the shop where Derryth will adopt him.

6 Kira

Act 3, Inside Sharess’ Caress

Kira is a beautiful cat found in BG3‘s Act 3 inside Sharess’ Caress sitting behind the front desk. If showered with compliments, the real mistress of the establishment will share information about customers with the party. However, anyone visiting Kira should be careful not to insult her or attempt to pet her, as she will refuse to speak to them.

5 Grub

Act 3, Met With Yenna In Rivington

Grub the cat in Baldur's Gate 3.

Grub is the very nervous ginger companion to the little girl Yenna, who the party can meet entering Rivington in Act 3 for the first time. Grub seems very sweet and worries about Yenna, but will cower when in conversation and direct the party to speak to her. Sadly, Grub can meet an unfortunate end if Orin chooses Yenna in a pivotal BG3 story moment.

4 Steelclaw

Act 2, Outside Moonrise Towers

The hairless cat Steelclaw glowers in a screenshot from Baldur's Gate 3.

Steelclaw is a fierce and proud hunter who can be found on the terrace outside Moonrise Towers in Act 2 of BG3. When she met, Steelclaw is toying with a mind flayer parasite she has caught, stating that she has butchered many and will butcher more. Steelclaw is a fantastic NPC, whose dedication to the hunt has all creatures in the Shadow-Cursed Lands cowering before her.

Steelclaw has a special interaction with Dark Urge characters, claiming to have met them before. However, if the Dark Urge attempts to remember, they will end up killing Steelclaw.

3 Malta

Act 3, Next To Lower City Central Wall

Malta the film noir cat in Baldur's Gate 3

Malta is a cat found in BG3‘s Act 3, close to the Lower City Central Wall waypoint, and is easy to miss if not watching out for the ginger feline. What makes Malta stand out is his unique way of speaking, which makes him sounds like a hard-boiled detective straight out of a classic film noir. Malta will narrate to the party the combining of their quests, which can lead to the party taking him to Bonecloak’s Apothecary if the right choices are made.


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2 Tara

Act 3, On The Roof Of The Open Hand Temple

Tara the Tressym, a winged tortoiseshell cat, stares at the player as it guards its nest and Gale discusses his friendship with the beast.

While Tara is not technically a cat, it would be wrong not to include her on this list. Tara is a tressym, a cat-like creature, who was summoned by Gale when he was 10 years old. She is fiercely loyal to her human pet and often spends time with his mother when she is not off searching for magical items for Gale to absorb. Tara can be found first in Act 3 on the roof of the Open Hand Temple, where she has been eating pigeons. If Gale is in the party when meeting Tara here, she will reappear in Baldur’s Gate’s lower city, on the roofs of the Devil’s Fee and the Highberry’s home, and will trade fish for magical items.

If playing BG3 with Gale as an Origin character, Tara will appear in Act 1 after the party’s first long rest and join the camp, remaining there for the rest of the game.

1 His Majesty

Act 2, Inside The Last Light Inn

His Majesty the hairless cat hisses when approached in Baldur's Gate 3

There is no cat in all of Baldur’s Gate 3 that can match the personality and sheer presence of His Majesty. This hairless sphynx can be found wandering around the Last Light Inn in Act 2 and will make it clear when spoken to that the party are on his territory. His Majesty is wonderfully grumpy, hissing at the party even when using speak with animals, adding some much-needed comedy to the darkness of Act 2’s Shadow-Cursed Lands.

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August 31, 2023

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