Doctor Who Season 14 Stages A Big Battle At An Iconic Beatles Location, Teases Showrunner


  • Ncuti Gatwa’s season 14 of Doctor Who will feature a huge battle in Abbey Road during The Beatles’ rise to fame in 1960s.
  • The Doctor and companion Ruby Sunday will be dressed in 1960s-inspired outfits that fit perfectly within the time period.
  • A mysterious new villain, played by Jinkx Monsoon, may be seeking to tamper with The Beatles.

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies reveals that a key set piece of Ncuti Gatwa’s season 14 will see a huge battle take place in Abbey Road during The Beatles’ rise to fame in the 1960s. Gatwa finally made his debut as the Fifteenth incarnation of the Doctor in the final 60th-anniversary special, “The Giggle”, taking on the keys to the TARDIS from David Tennant. With Millie Gibson’s companion Ruby Sunday set to debut in 2023’s seasonal special “The Church on Ruby Road”, season 14 will jump straight into their adventures in 2024.

While Gatwa’s first Doctor Who seasonal special is set to air on December 25, Davies gave a tour of Bad Wolf Studios in Wales when speaking with Alan Yentob for BBC One’s Imagine… Russell T Davies: The Doctor and Me special (Later reported on by RadioTimes), revealing a set under construction for season 14’s Beatles episode. Davies stated the large set would be a recreation of Abbey Road’s Studio 1 space in the 1960s, where a chaotic fight would ensue. Check out Davies’ full comment below:

This is Abbey Road in 1963. It’s very unbuilt at the moment. This is going to be Studio 1 at Abbey Road – the big studio, the big orchestral studio. It has to be said, there’s a great big battle in here to save the universe, with people being flung all over the place and a moving piano.

What We Know About Ncuti Gatwa’s Beatles Doctor Who Adventure?

Out of all of Doctor Who season 14’s adventures, Gatwa’s journey to the 1960s has perhaps been one of the most teased stories of the upcoming batch of episodes. Promotional images of Gatwa and Gibson’s stylish 1960s-inspired outfits captured the attention of viewers upon their reveal, showing the Doctor and Ruby donning outfits that fit perfectly within their location as opposed to having anachronistic costumes. Furthermore, filming of season 14 saw production dress locations to recreate the iconic crossings at Abbey Road.

Per Davies’ latest Doctor Who reveal, audiences have been given further context as to what the episode may entail, as pinpointing the time period as 1963 establishes that the Doctor and Ruby are visiting a time following the Fab Four’s first major hit, “Love Me Do” released in 1962, suggesting that the pair may be visiting the band’s early rise to fame. However, filming of the Beatles episode also saw the reveal of Jinkx Monsoon’s mysterious new villain, as the two-time Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner donned a piano-inspired ensemble. With what has currently been revealed, it can be speculated Monsoon’s antagonist may be seeking to upend history by tampering with The Beatles’ rise to fame for some unclear reason, targeting the band at the studios where they recorded many of their hits.

With his first, sixth, and tenth incarnations all having crossed paths with the Fab Four, it feels that Gatwa’s encounter with the band was an inevitability that would eventually be brought to screen. From official reveals and set photos, it is clear that Davies and the crew have dedicated themselves to creating an adventure that pays tribute to every corner of The Beatles history. However, with the Doctor Who showrunner teasing a chaotic clash at Abbey Road, Gatwa may face a tremendous challenge to ensure that the band stays in one piece.

Doctor Who season 14 is set to air on Disney+ for international viewers, and on BBC One and BBC iplayer for UK viewers.

Source: RadioTimes

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