Disney’s Percy Jackson Show Perfectly Captured Percy & Annabeth’s Relationship With 1 Scene


  • The Disney+ show gradually develops Percy and Annabeth’s dynamic, unlike the 2010 movie adaptation.
  • The show cleverly utilizes Greek mythology to shape the relationships and backstories of the demigods.
  • Percy and Annabeth’s relationship follows a slow-burn, gradually evolving from friendship to romance throughout Rick Riordan’s books.

Disney’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians show perfectly captured Percy (Walker Scobell) and Annabeth’s (Leah Jeffries) relationship in a single scene in the third outing. In episode 3, “We Visit the Garden Gnome Emporium,” the titular hero sets off on his quest to save his mother and stop the looming war between Olympus’ gods. Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood (Aryan Simhadri), two other key members of Percy Jackson‘s cast of characters, join the 12-year-old demigod on his journey, and, in doing so, get to know each other a bit better. Unlike the 2010 Percy Jackson movie, the show builds Percy and Annabeth’s dynamic at a more gradual pace.

While the Disney+ series has yet to introduce every Percy Jackson demigod’s Olympian parent, viewers do know that Percy is the son of Poseidon, god of the sea, while Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. The show cleverly uses Greek mythology to flesh out the Olympians’ off-screen relationships, feuds, and backstories. In doing so, these odes to the source stories shape Percy, Annabeth, and the other demigods at Camp Half-Blood, too. In Percy Jackson episode 3, for example, the trio encounter Medusa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), a gorgon who was wronged by both Poseidon and Athena.

Disney’s Percy Jackson Show Nails Percy & Annabeth’s Relationship In 1 Scene

Heeding the prophecy of the Oracle, Percy Jackson assembles his quest team wisely. To mitigate his fears about a supposed friend’s betrayal, Percy chooses Annabeth as one of his companions, as Percy can’t imagine being friends with her. Once the trio is on the road, Percy can’t believe Annabeth’s insistence on leading the group. “Does she think she’s in charge?” he whispers to Grover, who spends most of Percy Jackson episode 3 trying to keep the peace between the demigods. A fight about gas-station snacks gives way to something much more threatening when the trio meet the owner of the Garden Gnome Emporium: Medusa.

Medusa reveals that Annabeth’s mother, Athena, cursed her because the Olympian was bitter about Medusa’s tryst with Poseidon — “a monster” the gorgon and Percy have in common. After a conflict with Medusa, Percy and Annabeth share a telling moment. To start, Annabeth admits that the Fury Alecto (Megan Mullally) presented her with a deal, but, instead of taking it, Annabeth killed Alecto’s sister. Percy mentions a deal Medusa offered: her help finding his mom in exchange for Annabeth and Grover. When Annabeth asks what he said, Percy replies, “I cut off her head. While Percy and Annabeth may be at odds, there are clearly some things they agree on.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ Portrayal Of The Characters Proves Why It’s Working

When viewers meet Annabeth Chase, she’s presented as an intelligent, determined leader and skilled fighter — in part because she’s been at Camp Half-Blood for a while. This also means she’s been taught certain stories about the gods, including her own mother. The incident with Medusa reveals that even the supposedly just and wise Athena can be a vengeful Olympian — someone who makes mistakes and even wrongs others. Percy, on the other hand, can’t stand the Olympians. Not only have the gods (and their feud) completely upended his life, but they’ve put his mother’s life at risk.


5 Changes Percy Jackson Episode 3 Makes To Medusa’s Book Story & Real Myth

Percy Jackson episode 3 makes a handful of changes to Medusa’s story from both the original Lightning Thief book and the real Greek myths.

With Percy being so new to Camp Half-Blood, his fresh perspective his naturally at odds with Annabeth’s. At the same time, they have a lot to teach each other. Annabeth has insights and knowledge that Percy hasn’t had access to, but he brings a different level of awareness, and a healthy dose of skepticism, to their quest. Moments like the deals scene from episode 3 underscore the characters’ unique, slowly unfurling dynamics. Best of all, Percy and Annabeth’s relationship isn’t just an echo of their book counterparts’ dynamic, but true to the kind of things that preteens would bicker about (or, in some cases, agree on).

Mild spoilers are ahead for Percy Jackson’s source material.

Do Percy & Annabeth Get Together In Rick Riordan’s Books?

Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell) and Annabeth Chase (Leah Jeffries) at Camp Half-Blood

In Rick Riordan’s books, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase’s friendship-turned-romance is an incredibly gradual, slow-burn story. Given that they meet as preteens in The Lightning Thief, it makes sense that they don’t immediately fall into a relationship. Instead, Annabeth falls into a pattern of calling Percy “seaweed brain.In the second book, the duo go on another quest and Annabeth opens up about her past. At one point, she even kisses Percy on the cheek. In The Titan’s Curse, the duo grow closer, and Percy’s feelings for Annabeth are made pretty clear when the latter is threatened. In short, the romance builds as the duo come of age.


Annabeth’s “Impertinent” Line In Percy Jackson Episode 3 Is Deeper Than You Think

Annabeth says a line about being “impertinent” in Percy Jackson episode 3 which holds a much deeper meaning within the context of the story.

In the fourth novel, Annabeth kisses Percy when he’s close to death. However, once they’re safe-and-sound from the threats of their third quest together, the two don’t move forward with their budding romance. Both Percy and Annabeth have other lingering romantic prospects and relationships that get in the way — at least for a time. In the fifth Percy Jackson novel, The Last Olympian, the demigods serve in battle together, with Annabeth putting her life on the line for Percy. If Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians makes one season per book, as season 1 suggests, Percy and Annabeth’s romance will become more apparent by the third season.

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