Disney Sending 14 Different Shows To Netflix, Including Lost, Archer, & Home Improvement


  • Disney is licensing 14 shows to Netflix for 18 months each as they reassess certain business decisions and adapt to the changing streaming landscape.
  • These shows, previously only available on Disney+, ESPN+, or Hulu, will still be available on those platforms in addition to Netflix.
  • While some shows like Prison Break are expanding their audience by being on Netflix, others like Family Guy will remain exclusively on Hulu as a strategic choice.

Disney is licensing 14 of their shows to be available on Netflix. These series have only been available on Disney+, ESPN+, or Hulu in recent years. This shift is occurring as the streaming landscape continues to change and as Disney reassesses many business decisions, including their approach to theatrical movie releases and the strategy behind their streaming services.

According to TVLine, the 14 shows in question will be licensed to Netflix on a non-exclusive basis for 18 months each. Each series will still be available to stream on Disney+, ESPN+, or Hulu, in addition to being on Netflix. For shows like Prison Break, Disney states that it is “now ready for newer and wider audiences via expansion of their presence beyond Hulu,” but others like Family Guy will still “intentionally and strategically” not be licensed and will only be available on Hulu. Check out the full list of licensed series below and when they will be available on Netflix.


Netflix Release Date

The Wonder Years


This Is Us


My Wife & Kids


ESPN 30 for 30

Premiere dates for 25 episodes will vary between Feb-Dec

The Resident


White Collar






How I Met Your Mother




Prison Break


The Hughleys

9/2/2024 (also coming to Hulu)

Bernie Mac


Home Improvement


Streamers Are Prioritizing Profitability Over Exclusivity

Before the success of its original programming, Netflix was founded on its extensive DVD and streaming library filled with content from Disney and other studios, and this continued to be the case for a while after Netflix’s original content increased. As these studios launched their own streaming services, including Disney+ and Peacock, Netflix lost many popular movies and television series that had been in their library for years.

Each streaming service that emerged prioritized exclusivity. Watching Marvel movies, and even Marvel’s Netflix shows, now required a Disney+ subscription, and the Netflix staple The Office now required a Peacock subscription. Meanwhile, the main draw for Netflix became the exclusivity of its original series, especially popular series like Stranger Things, Wednesday, Squid Game, and Bridgerton.


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Exclusivity eventually ran its course, at least for certain content, and now streamers are more focused on profitability as sharing content via licensing creates additional revenue streams. Lost and How I Met Your Mother were mainstays on Netflix for years, and now they will be on there again, except this time they will only stream on Netflix for an 18-month period. Series that are still releasing new episodes will remain exclusive to Disney streaming services, but series that concluded years ago will have additional streaming homes for the sake of profitability.

Source: TVLine