Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Remove Stumps

When you’re exploring the town and the surrounding areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will encounter Tree Stumps. While tidying the area, you will notice that you cannot remove the Tree Stump with your regular Shovel or pickaxe. That’s because removing these stubborn tree stumps requires a shovel upgrade that can only be unlocked by progressing through the game.

Once you get the Shovel by completing Disney Dreamlight Valley’s The Royal Tools quest, you will need to upgrade this tool by taking help from certain villagers. While upgrading the Shovel isn’t a straightforward process, it is recommended to get this upgrade as it can also help remove other obstacles. Tree Stumps can be found in several areas and biomes, including in the starting Plaza and Peaceful Meadow areas.


How To Upgrade Your Shovel In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upgrading the shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires Lion’s Claw and Old Bones which are only found in specific locations in Sunlit Plateau.

How To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley An Icy Invitation Quest Player Clearing Bridge With Shovel Blade

To get started with removing Tree Stumps, you must complete Anna’s Frozen-themed questline. This will require you to unlock the Frozen Realm and complete all of Princess Anna’s quest. This will enable you to build a friendship with Anna, after which she can return to your village after reaching Friendship Level 2. This will unlock the “An Icy Invitation” quest that lets you unlock the required shovel upgrade.

Anna will tell you that she has a plan to get her sister Elsa to return to the valley and that she’s found a special place in the Forest of Valor for her to call home. However, the bridge to reach it is blocked by Tree Stumps, and she’s not sure how to remove them. Follow Anna to the bridge so you can get a better idea of what’s wrong. Anna will suggest visiting her house to pick up a book on mysterious flora that she was studying.

You can find Anna’s house in the Forest of Valor itself, and the book in question is on a table to one side of her library. If you return to Anna with the book, she will come up with the Shovel Blade shovel upgrade. You will need to collect 10 Softwood, 4 Hardwood, 4 Iron Ingots, and 3 Tinkering Parts.





Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Picking Up Softwood In Town Plaza

Found in The Plaza, Peaceful Meadow and Forest of Valor near trees.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Picking Up Hardwood In Forest Of Valor

Found on the forest floor in Forest of Valor. Darker than Softwood.

Iron Ingots

Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Mining For Iron Ore

Crafted at Crafting Station from 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal. Mined from cliffside rocks in Forest of Valor

Tinkering Parts

Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Crafting Tinkering Parts

3 Crafted at Crafting Station from 2 Iron Ingots

You might want to upgrade your inventory space with extra slots so you don’t have to keep running off to sell things to Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s merchant, Goofy. A total of 30 Iron Ore is needed to produce six Iron Ingots, two of which are used to craft Tinkering Parts at a Crafting Station. Once you have collected and crafted all the required materials, you can craft the Shovel Blade and start digging up any Tree Stumps you come across.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Key Art

Disney Dreamlight Valley

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  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Key Art

    Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    Life Simulation, Adventure


    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will create their own Disney avatar as they interact with some of the most iconic characters in Disney and Pixar history. The story surrounds the dream castle and the realm it resides in, which is a place where several characters, hero and villain alike, have lived together in harmony. However, an evil force known as the Forgetting consumes the kingdom. It’s up to the player to solve puzzles, reunite characters, and embark on feature-rich character storylines to save the Dream realm. Players can build their own Disney neighborhood – plant gardens, go fishing, build residences – or go on adventures in dark caverns, sail the seas, or navigate spooky forests. The choice belongs to the player as they traverse the various Disney worlds in this cozy game that takes notes from mainstays like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.


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