Diablo 4: How To Upgrade Your Seneschal Companion in Season 3

The Season 3 content for Diablo IV includes a robotic spider called the Seneschal Companion as an ally for your character that you can upgrade for various combat buffs. This metallic creation assists you in battle by attacking enemies and giving you different passive bonuses. Customizing your Companion gives you greater support, and more opportunities to strengthen your class build.

Meeting Ayuzhan in the main story for the Season of the Construct will lead to you receiving a Seneschal Companion. Complete the quest tied to investigating the Vault of Zoltun Kulle and meet up with Ayuzhan afterward to get your metallic spider. Your new robotic best friend in Diablo 4 will start fairly weak, but you can collect items in Sanctuary to strengthen your Seneschal.

How to Make a Seneschal Companion Better in Diablo 4

Seneschal Companions scale with your character and become stronger as you do, but the best way to improve these machines is to give them Stones to equip. New items found in Season 3 called Governing Stones and Turning Stones provide different buffs to your Companion. Each of these artifacts unlocks new effects for the robot spider, which range from additional attacks to passive traits.

Many Stones can be found in Vaults, or one of the four new dungeons added in Season 3. If you can open Nightmare Vaults with Vault Sigils in Diablo 4, you will have a better chance of finding even more Stones.

Governing Stones add new attacks to your Seneschal Companion, which are changed through passive buffs provided by Tuning Stones. Certain Tuning Stones could make a Governing Stone’s attack stronger, heal the construct, or have some other positive bonus. You have 2 slots for Governing Stones on your Companion, which in turn have 3 Tuning Stone slots each in Diablo 4.


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Season 3 has around 27 different types of Turning Stones to enhance 12 Governing Stones found in Vaults, dungeons, or world events like Arcane Tremors. You can also craft Stones from Shattered Stones picked up from construct enemies found around Sanctuary. Look for Wardwoven Chests in dangerous locations, since these containers might have some Stones for you to collect.

Character builds like the Summoner Necromancer work well with the Companion, as well as any archetype that relies on creating allies. Finding ways to upgrade the Seneschal Companion in Season 3 of Diablo IV will make your character even stronger, especially if they are already designed to support a friendly army during a fight.

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