Cruella 2 Faces 1 Major Challenge Bridging The Gap Between The First Film & 101 Dalmatians


  • Cruella 2 faces the challenge of bridging the gap between the first film and 101 Dalmatians, while creating something fresh and memorable.
  • The sequel must show how Cruella loses her goodness and becomes the power-hungry villain of the original movies.
  • Cruella 2 needs to find the right story to showcase Cruella’s transformation without getting too close to the controversial storyline of killing puppies for fur.

Following the success of Cruella, Cruella 2 now faces a major challenge of trying to bridge the gap between it and the classic tale, 101 Dalmatians. Starring Emma Stone, Cruella serves as a villain origin story and shows how a young orphan named Estella grew up to be the black and white-haired fashionista and cunning villain who has a deep-seated hatred for dalmatians. At this point, there is not much known about what viewers have in store when it comes to Cruella 2, other than that it has been confirmed by Disney.

There are a number of different directions that a sequel could take, as Cruella and her fellow characters are deeply fascinating and have proven to have backstories that interest audiences. Given the popularity of both the original 101 Dalmatians films and the prequel, there is a lot of pressure, though, to create a film that feels like a positive extension rather than a deterioration. Cruella 2 must, therefore, find a way to seamlessly connect to the existing films while also serving as something fresh and memorable.

Cruella 2 Can Finally Bridge The Gap Between The First Film & Its Classic Inspiration

The first live-action Cruella saw the titular character as the protagonist whose descent into villainy is set up by the end of the film. This means that viewers can see that she will eventually become the classic Disney villain, but the character isn’t quite there yet. She still needs to become more cruel and confident in her powers to become the Cruella audiences see in 101 Dalmatians.

This means that Cruella 2 needs to fill in the gap between Cruella and 101 Dalmations and show how Cruella’s selfish tendencies led the way to her cruel acts. Considering that Cruella does not have a mentor or a parental figure in her life, it is easy to see how her newfound power and money can be dangerous. With this setup, Cruella 2 must now provide a satisfying path for how Cruella loses the last bits of goodness and kindness within her and becomes the corrupt, power-hungry villain of the original movies.

Luckily, Cruella‘s writer, Tony McNamara, knows how important it is to explore Cruella’s agency and power in a sequel film. In an interview with Screen Rant, he explained that the questions remaining after the ending of the first movie are what Cruella does with her new-found power and what people go looking for after they have both agency and power. He further explained that the first movie had a “sort of family-versus-past thing going on with her made family“, which sets up another aspect of the story to be delved into. As Cruella likely tries to forget about her past, she could develop those cruel and destructive tendencies, as well as that key sense of confidence seen in 101 Dalmatians.

Why Cruella 2 Can’t Get Too Close To Disney’s 101 Dalmatians

While Cruella 2 definitely needs to create a villain closer to who viewers see in 101 Dalmatians, it can’t get too close to the original film. Seeing a movie about a woman killing puppies for fur in live-action form just wouldn’t sit well with audiences — especially considering it would be a Disney movie aimed primarily at children. But having the puppies escaping from Cruella would simply be a repeat of 101 Dalmatians. This creates a challenge for Cruella 2 to find just the right story to fully show Cruella’s transformation, while still appealing to viewers and creating something original.