Cobra Commander Just Brought a Classic G.I. Joe Villain into New Continuity


  • Cobra Commander will encounter various factions and villains in his search for Energon, including the Dreadnoks, who will pose a particular challenge.
  • Zarana, the younger sister of Zartan and a master of disguise, will face off against Cobra Commander, adding an interesting dynamic to the story.
  • It is likely that Cobra Commander will also come into conflict with other organizations, such as the M.A.R.S weapons manufacturing company and its leader, Destro, as he continues his quest for Energon.

WARNING! Potential spoilers ahead for Cobra Commander #3Launching in just a few weeks. Cobra Commander is the second miniseries in the rebooted G.I. Joe continuity, as Skybound Entertainment brings the Real American Heroes into the all-new Energon Universe. Taking place in a world where the G.I. Joe and Cobra organizations don’t exist yet, the new series will see the Commander searching the Earth for Energon, the valuable substance that powers the Transformers.

Coming from the creative team of Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni, Cobra Commander #3 will continue the story of the title character as he builds his nascent terrorist organization. However, as the cover art shows, his journey will bring him into contact with Zarana, the younger sister of the Dreadnoks’ leader, Zartan.

Cobra Commander #3

Release Date:

March 20, 2024


Joshua Williamson


Andrea Milana


Annalisa Leoni

WHAT IS THE SECRET OF ENERGON? Cobra Commander isn’t the only one looking to harness the alien energy source known as Energon. That means he has to either take control of the new organization he’s encountered…or destroy them.

It makes sense that Cobra Commander would encounter other villains in his quest for the Energon. He will have to prove himself against the various factions that will one day make up Cobra, and the Dreadnoks should pose a particular challenge.

Cobra Commander Will Face Off Against the Dreadnoks’ Zarana

Skybound's Energon Universe, Cobra line-up

Traditionally portrayed as the “shock troops” of the Cobra Organization, Zartan and the Dreadnoks are a mercenary biker gang who prowl the open road. Much like her older brother, Zarana is also a master of disguise, getting so involved with each subject she impersonates that she even thinks as they would. In addition to her skills in impersonation, Zarana is also a world-class assassin who uses explosives, firearms and melee weapons to deadly effect.

Fans can assume that Cobra Commander will come out on top and eventually hire the Dreadnoks as he builds the Cobra organization from the ground up, but anything is possible. In addition to the mercenary biker gang, it’s likely that Cobra Commander will also be going up against various other organizations in his quest for Energon. It was previously revealed that Destro will also be appearing in the Cobra Commander cast, so it’s also likely that the Commander will face off against the silver-masked leader of the M.A.R.S weapons manufacturing company before all is said and done.

Will Cobra Commander Fight Destro Next In the Energon Universe?

GI Joe Destro

In addition to the upcoming Duke miniseries and two other series yet to be announced, it is certainly an exciting time to be a G.I. Joe fan. Launching the new continuity with the two titles will be interesting to see play out, as the G.I. Joe and Cobra factions will form in the aftermath of the Transformers’ arrival on Earth. Whether or not Cobra Commander succeeds in acquiring all the Energon will remain to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: G.I. Joe will be there, as well.

Cobra Commander #3 will be available March 20, 2024 from Skybound Entertainment.