Cheong-san’s All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Return Means The Villain You Hate Might Be Alive Too


  • Cheong-san’s return in “All of Us Are Dead” seems likely, and if he is alive, it suggests that another character, Gwi-nam, could also return.
  • The fact that Cheong-san and Gwi-nam fell together and were in the same location during the bombing indicates that they may have had the same fate.
  • While Cheong-san’s return would be anticipated, it should have some negative consequences in order to maintain the stakes and impact of the show. Bringing back both Cheong-san and Gwi-nam would achieve this.

Assuming Cheong-san will return in All of Us Are Dead, a scenario that seems very likely, the show may also see the return of one of season 1’s most despicable villains. All of Us Are Dead, one of Netflix’s best Korean dramas, subverted many zombie tropes and delivered an exciting story that took place mostly in just one location. As a result, viewers grew attached to All of Us Are Dead’s cast of characters, which is why the “death” of Cheong-san was so impactful.

However, given all the circumstances surrounding Cheong-san’s seemingly demise, it is impossible to say for certain whether he is dead. A body was never shown, and the All of Us Are Dead season 1 finale’s time skip means that anything could have happened after the bombarding. As of now, there are more arguments to suggest that Cheong-san is alive than the other way around, which means another character can return too.

All Of Us Are Dead’s Gwi-nam Can Be Alive If Cheong-san Is Too

Considering that Cheong-san and Gwi-nam were holding each other when they fell down the elevator right before the building was bombed, whatever happened to one of them must have happened to the other. In other words, if Cheong-san does return in All of Us Are Dead season 2, there would be no reason for Gwi-nam, one of the show’s main villains, not to return too. They fell from the exact same height and were in the same location when the city was bombed. Additionally, both Gwi-nam and Cheong-san are halfbies, although the latter had just been infected with the virus.

It would be too convenient if Cheong-san survived everything but Gwi-nam did not, as they presumably have the same powers. Just the fact that Cheong-san will most likely return in All of Us Are Dead season 2 risks ruining the end of season 1, as it would remove the impact of his sacrifice to save his friends. For Cheong-san’s return not to lower the stakes of the show, it needs to have some sort of negative consequence. Therefore, revealing that both Cheong-san and Gwi-nam survived would be a good way to bring back the former while not making everything too easy and happy for the group.

Should Either Gwi-nam Or Cheong-san Be In All Of Us Are Dead Season 2?

A custom image featuring a burning building and Cheong-san in All of Us Are Dead

Whether Cheong-san needs to be in All of Us Are Dead season 2 is open for debate, but it is very difficult to imagine that the show won’t do it. Everything about Cheong-san’s “death” indicates a red herring, especially with On-jo returning to the building and not finding any traits of his body. The return of Nam-ra and the introduction of a plotline about hambies having to stand together to survive could also tie into Cheong-san’s return, as he would now be a hambie too following his fight against Gwi-nam. All of Us Are Dead had no problem with killing off characters, but Cheong-san is one of the show’s protagonists.


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That said, All of Us Are Dead season 2 does not need to bring back Gwi-nam simply because he was a good villain in season 1. While it was fun to see Gwi-nam as a ruthless antagonist who viewers loved to hate, there is more than enough room for the show to introduce new villains, be they humans or hambies. Still, if Gwi-nam’s return means that Cheong-san will have a difficult time reuniting with his friends, then All of Us Are Dead can make it work. In “exchange” for getting their friend back, the group would have to deal with the return of Gwi-nam too.

All Of Us Are Dead

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