Channing Tatum’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked


  • Channing Tatum’s diverse talents have allowed him to excel in a wide range of roles, from musical stars to action heroes.
  • Tatum’s dedication to pushing himself out of his comfort zone and into new genres is evident in each of his standout performances.
  • From comedies like “Hail, Caeser!” and “21 Jump Street” to dramas like “Foxcatcher,” Tatum’s versatile acting ability shines through in every role.

Channing Tatum has appeared in more than 60 shows and films over his career, with a few standing out as his very best. Tatum is known for his roles in both romance comedy films and action movies. Having former experience as a dancer, performer and model, Tatum is comfortable adapting to a wide variety of roles.

Tatum began acting with roles in music videos before graduating to minor roles in TV and film, but his big break came in 2006, when he appeared as the lead in Step Up. Thanks to Tatum’s impressive physique and athletic abilities, he was also cast in several physically demanding films and proved his talent for playing in action movies. Time and time again, Tatum pushes himself out of his comfort zone and into new areas and genres to refine his abilities, and that dedication and persistence can be seen in each of the following roles.

10 Hail, Caeser!


Hail, Caeser! is a dark period comedy set in 1950s Hollywood. The Coen brothers wrote and directed the film, and it featured an all-star cast. Tatum had already made a name for himself and proven his diverse talents, and due to that very flexibility, he was cast to play an ambitious role as Burt Gurney. Gurney is a musical star who performs intricate dance numbers, and Tatum’s talents meant he was able to do the performances and stunts himself. Tatum also shows off his talent for comedy in this role, which is certainly one of his best.

9 The Book Of Life


The Book of Life characters posing

In 2014, Channing Tatum tackled the medium of voice acting for animation and video games, which he hadn’t done up to that point. Not only did he star as one of the major protagonists in The Book of Life, but in that same year, he appeared in an episode of The Simpsons, voiced Superman in The Lego Movie, and did voice work for two video games, all of which were released in 2014. His willingness to throw himself into something new paid off, because his performance in The Book of Life was heartwarming and full of positivity that made him perfect for the role.


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8 The Lost City


Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in The Lost City in front of a waterfall

The Lost City is an action comedy movie starring Sandra Bullock as a writer, and Channing Tatum as Alan, the cover model for her books who is far less brave and clever than his literary alter ego. Tatum shows off his ability to perform in this meta role as both the dimwitted model, and the fictional action hero capable of performing death-defying stunts, with both roles smashed together in the same film. The film is fun and benefits from an excellent cast and storyline.

7 22 Jump Street


22 Jump Street is a satirical buddy cop comedy starring Jonah Hill and Tatum as undercover detectives and is the thrilling sequel to 21 Jump Street, which was released just a few years earlier. This time, Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) must go back undercover as college students to put a stop to the trade of a new synthetic drug. Tatum is the hunky, hero cop who contrasts with his somewhat less impressive partner. The movie is a great comedy and Tatum and Hill have an incredible connection in any role that they appear in together.

6 Foxcatcher


Mark Ruffalo leaning his head against Channing Tatum's in Foxcatcher

Based on a true story about the eccentric billionaire John du Pont, and his murder of Mark Schultz, an Olympic gold medal winning wrestler whom he hired to coach future talent and compete in his team, Foxcatchers. The film stars Steve Carell as du Pont, Tatum as Mark, and Mark Ruffalo as his older brother, David. Everyone delivers an outstanding performance, which is further evidenced by the film being nominated for five Oscars. Tatum delivers a complex, emotionally charged and heartfelt performance throughout.

5 Magic Mike


Magic Mike actually draws some of its inspiration from Tatum’s own life as he previously worked as a male stripper when he was 18, living in Florida. The film puts Tatum in the role of mentor and star performer, as Michael ‘Magic Mike’ Lane, to a younger man who becomes a male stripper at 19 years old. The film was a stand-out performance from Tatum, allowing him to draw on his real-life experiences and spawned multiple sequels in the decade since it was released.


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4 The Hateful Eight


Channing Tatum points a gun in The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight is a Western thriller by director Quentin Tarantino featuring a star-studded cast. While Tatum’s role is somewhat less prominent in the movie than his other leading roles, he delivers an incredible performance as one of the central antagonists. For a man who frequently plays the hero, or romantic lead, it’s enlightening to see him tackle a more complex and crude character who strikes fear into the hearts of the people he meets.

3 Dog


dog movie channing tatum

Tatum made his directorial debut alongside Reid Carolin for the movie Dog. Tatum plays a former Army Ranger who suffers from PTSD and struggles to reenter normal life. When an old partner is killed in a car accident, he is assigned to deliver his friend’s service dog to the funeral and then on to be euthanized. Tatum shows off his incredible ability to perform a range of emotions, even when the only other living thing on screen is a dog that can’t respond. Tatum’s performance and direction make Dog a stand-out point in his career.

2 21 Jump Street


While Step Up may have been Tatum’s breakout role into the mainstream, 21 Jump Street confirmed his talents as an action and comedy hero. The film follows Tatum and Hill as they go undercover at a local high school. The premise is set up to be over-the-top ridiculous humor, and it hits all the right notes along the way. To this day, 21 Jump Street is still one of Tatum’s all-time greatest roles, just barely missing out on the top spot.

1 Logan Lucky


Jimmy, Clyde, and Mellie pose in front of a bar & grill in Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who also directed Tatum in the first and last entries of the Magic Mike trilogy. A heist comedy film starring Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, and Channing Tatum. Tatum and Driver play the Logan brothers, who set out to pull off a major heist and recruit a team of expert criminals to help them out. Tatum’s Jimmy Logan is desperate to find a way to reconnect with his daughter and take back the possible success he was denied due to a football injury and being laid off from a high-profile job. Channing Tatum excels by using every bit of his experience to deliver a career-leading performance.