Cameron Hardin Reveals If He’d Ever Compete On Big Brother Again After Reindeer Games


  • Big Brother 25’s America’s Favorite Houseguest, Cameron Hardin, is willing to return and compete again in future seasons.
  • Cameron found the Big Brother Reindeer Games experience “nerve-wracking,” and admired his fellow contestants.
  • Cameron brought a strong competitive spirit to Big Brother Reindeer Games, but was targeted by other players, leading to his elimination.

Big Brother Reindeer Games and Big Brother 25’s America’s Favorite Houseguest, Cameron Hardin, revealed that he’d return to the franchise to compete again if he had the chance. Cameron, a 34-year-old stay-at-home-dad from Eastman, Georgia, was a fierce competitor on Big Brother 25, which not only helped him fight his way back into the house after being unanimously evicted, but earned him a place on Big Brother Reindeer Games. An easy target for his fellow Reindeer Games players because he was the rookie, Cameron was the first person to leave the game after losing Santa’s Showdown to Big Brother 23 winner, Xavier Prather.

In a live TikTok chat with his fans on December 13, (reported by Monsters & Critics), Cameron shared that he’d “absolutely” play Big Brother again. One of his fans even joked that he should return for Big Brother 26. Cameron also revealed that he’d “absolutely” compete on Survivor, and that he’d love to do The Amazing Race with his fellow Big Brother 25 contestant and Chillers Final 2 alliance member, Red Utley. He said that he’d “jump on it,” if he were given the opportunity.


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Cameron Hardin Admits Big Brother Reindeer Games Was “Nerve-Wracking”

Big Brother Reindeer Games Cast Photo

Cameron confessed that Big Brother Reindeer Games was “nerve-wracking” for him. The Big Brother superfan said that he was in awe of the eight legends whom he competed against–Britney Haynes, Cody Calafiore, Danielle Reyes, Frankie Grande, Josh Martinez, Nicole Franzel, Taylor Hale, and Xavier. He said, “I love every one of them so much.” Although Cameron competed as best as he could, his fellow contestants targeted him, making it difficult for him to excel on the show.

On Big Brother Reindeer Games, Cameron brought his outstanding competitive spirit. However, because he was the newbie of the bunch, the other players targeted him during the Jingle Bell Brawl, a sabotage challenge. The contestants had to fill each other’s mailboxes with letters. Most of the contestants put their letters in Cameron’s mailbox to target him. After Frankie won the challenge, he used that as an excuse to put Cameron in Santa’s Showdown with Xavier, in which they had to build a puzzle of an ugly Christmas sweater. In the end, Xavier finished his puzzle first, so Cameron was the first Big Brother Reindeer Games player to be eliminated.

Cameron is always a thrilling player to watch. It was disappointing to see him leave first on Big Brother Reindeer Games because he brings so much fun and excitement to every competition. He was at a disadvantage because no one knew him when they entered the house, which made him an easy target. Cameron should definitely continue his reality television career by competing on another show, either by himself or with Red. Cameron was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest for a reason, and it would be awesome to see him compete again in the future.

Big Brother Reindeer Games airs at various days and times on CBS.

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