Big Bang Theory Creator Sets Record Straight On New Spinoff, Contradicts Original Announcement

The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre clarifies the status of the planned spinoff, firmly contradicting the show’s original announcement.


  • Chuck Lorre clarifies that the Big Bang Theory spinoff may not happen at all unless the story is worth telling – and that no plans are in place at Max.
  • Lorre expresses his hesitation for spinoffs, stating that it needs to feel fresh and different for him to consider moving forward.
  • According to Lorre, it’s important to do something worth doing, rather than continuing to dig in the same mine for the same precious minerals. Greed isn’t a good enough reason to pursue a spinoff.

The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre clarifies the status of the spinoff, contradicting the original announcement. Back in April of this year, it was announced the universe of Big Bang Theory will continue with a planned spinoff for the Max streaming service. It was mentioned that the new show will be from Lorre, also the executive producer of The Big Bang Theory. There have been no plot details regarding the project so far.

During an interview on the TV’s Top 5 podcast to promote his new comedy Bookie, Lorre was asked about the Big Bang Theory spinoff. The executive producer responds by clarifying that the new show is not necessarily planned for Max, adding that the spinoff may not happen at all unless the story is worth telling. Lorre’s remarks, included below, contradict a previous press release that confirmed “a Max Original comedy series derived from The Big Bang Theory” as part of the rebranded streaming service’s future content offerings.

Nothing’s wound up at Max, first of all. I don’t know what you were told. But we have nothing in place at Max. Zero, nothing. No one knows anything about what this is, other than the people that have been working on it with me. And so nothing has been pitched, nothing’s been placed. So it’s all very prenatal.

It could be for CBS, or it could be for no one, I don’t know. We haven’t presented this to anyone. I’m not a big fan of spinoffs or stuff like that, unless it just feels like… wonderful, fresh. This could conceivably be very different and also very funny. That’s the reason to go forward, not to keep digging in the same mine for the same precious minerals. It’s about doing something worth doing. Otherwise, it’s greedy. There’s no reason for that.

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Source: TV’s Top 5

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