Below Deck Season 11 Episode 1: Most Shocking Moments


  • Bosun Jared faced multiple challenges and made mistakes during the premiere episode of Below Deck season 11.
  • Tension already exists between the deck crew, with conflicts arising between stewardesses and difficulties in communication.
  • The charter guests exhibited raunchy behavior, openly discussing sexual topics, which made the crew uncomfortable.

Below Deck season 11’s premiere introduced the brand-new cast of the series and took them on their first charter, creating bonds and showing potential cracks in the foundation almost immediately. After the departure of Below Deck mainstay Captain Lee Rosbach, the new cast of the series has taken over and given an entirely new vibe to the St. David. Though the same Below Deck charm exists on the ship, the differences in the premiere were palpable, ushering in a whole new era of Below Deck that feels like a welcome shift.

With a new crew in place, many are excited to see what the upcoming season of Below Deck holds. The cast includes Chief Steward Fraser Olender and Deckhand Ben Willoughby’s return to Below Deck, but otherwise is comprised of primarily new faces. Captain Kerry Titheradge will be joined by Bosun Jared Woodin Chef Anthony Iracane, Stweardesses Cat Baugh, Xandi Olivier, and Barbie Pascual, along with Deckhands Kyle Stillie and Marie “Sunny” Marquis as the Below Deck season 11 cast members. Below Deck season 11 will provide a whole new experience for the coming charter season aboard the St. David.


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New Bosun Jared Made Multiple Mistakes

below deck season 11 jared woodin busan

Though he was working his hardest in his first charter on the St. David, Jared made multiple mistakes during Below Deck season 11’s premiere. As one of the new yachties on the ship, Jared’s first meeting with Captain Kerry proved that he would need to work harder than many of the other newbies he’d be aboard the St. David with. Captain Kerry shared he knew Jared’s position, bosun, better than any other on the yacht so he was going to be particularly hard on Jared when he made mistakes.

Prior to the first charter, Jared made a mistake when he failed to signal to Captain Kerry that he would be letting the anchor down. The Captain shared that he wasn’t upset about the mistake, but he’d be watching Jared as the charter continued. Jared then made a few other mistakes while the charter guests were present, which was frustrating to the rest of the crew and the Captain alike. Though Jared was apologetic for the mistakes he made, Captain Kerry shared he would be watching the bosun through the coming charters.

There’s Already Tension Between The Deck Crew

Although it appeared that the crew was getting along well at first, after the first meeting with Captain Kerry, Fraser shared that he was going to run things a bit differently with his stewardesses after the drama of the season prior. While Fraser had been operating with two stews who couldn’t stand each other on Below Deck season 10, he was clear that this would be an entirely different experience if he had anything to do with it. Doing his best to put the stewardesses in jobs that would be best for them, Fraser was hopeful that things would run smoothly.

Early on the charter, Barbie was annoyed with Cat for her pacing. While Cat was used to a different type of charter, she was feeling overwhelmed with the way that Fraser and the rest of the stewardesses were relying on her to get things done quickly. On the exterior side of things, Jared and Ben had some difficulty communicating during the early moments of the first charter. When Jared was called out by Captain Kerry about the anchor being dropped incorrectly, he shared that Ben hadn’t let him know the proper amount of chain to let out. Ben was irritated, but the team moved ahead with the charter regardless.

Cat Baugh Cried On The First Day

Cat Baugh below Deck

As a new stewardess on the superyacht, Cat has worked on private charters in the past and shared that the stress of a private charter is nothing compared to the stress of a superyacht. She explained that in her past jobs, she was able to do the work she needed on her own time, without others relying on her to help out in areas she wasn’t typically working with. On the St. David, Cat was expected to jump in wherever she was needed and found it overwhelming. Fraser found her crying during her break and did his best to comfort her, but Cat found herself embarrassed to be breaking down.

Chef Anthony Iracane Was Working Too Slow

Chef Anthony Iracane Below Deck

Chef Anthony was working through the first course at a standard pace, but things hit a snag when he was making the dishes and felt they weren’t up to par. Sharing he’s a perfectionist, Chef Anthony worked to get the first course plated and served. When he got to work on the second, Fraser was hopeful it would be fast. Unfortunately, things didn’t speed up for Chef Anthony as he worked through the second course. After over an hour, the guests were confused on where their meals were and Fraser was beginning to get annoyed. Chef Anthony made it to service, but his timing left a lot to be desired.

The Guests Are A Little Too Raunchy

Early in the day when the charter started, Below Deck season 11’s Fraser shared that he was getting a lot of “sexual energy” from the charter guests. The guests, a pair of newlyweds and a group of their friends from Texas, were openly discussing their sleeping arrangements during the lunch service. The guests continued to get a bit raunchier throughout the day, and things changed as they got further into the day, with sun and alcohol wearing on their dispositions. By the time dinner was served, the guests were comfortable speaking openly about sexual experiences that were making the crew uncomfortable.

Ben Willoughby Revealed Camille Lamb Cheated On Him

Ben Willoughby Below Deck

After getting started on past seasons of Below Deck, Ben’s serving as the Lead Deckhand of the St. David in the season’s premiere. While Ben’s had an interesting time keeping yachtmances together, when it comes to romance he’s interested in finding something aboard the boats he works on. While he realizes it may not be the best practice, he’s simply too much of a romantic to stop. Ben shared an update about his relationship with Below Deck season 10’s Camille Lamb during the premiere episode of Below Deck season 11. While things had been going well for the new couple at the end of the previous season, things changed quickly.

Ben shared that Camille cheated on him after Below Deck season 10. While the couple were spending time together and travelling all over the world, their relationship didn’t appear as serious as it was to Camille. Ben, on the other hand, was hopeful he’d be able to pursue something a bit more real with his fellow crew member. While Ben was open about the fact that Camille cheated on him, he shared that he doesn’t want to get into anything too serious on Below Deck season 11. As usual, Ben will be open to whatever comes his way this charter season.

Source: BravoTV/Instagram