Beacon 23 Season 2 Will Further Explore AI & Different Cultures, Teases Showrunner

The article contains spoilers for Beacon 23 season 1.


  • Beacon 23 season 2 will interestingly explore A.I. and different cultures.
  • The show will continue to delve into themes of trauma, isolation, and connection.
  • Viewers will learn more about the world of Beacon 23 and its beacon keepers.

Beacon 23 showrunner Glenn Mazzara reveals season 2 plans, teasing that the sci-fi drama will further explore A.I. and other cultures. Debuting on MGM+ in November and based on the book shorts of the same name by Silo author Hugh Howey, the eight-episode season 1 follows two people as their fates become entangled after they find themselves together at the end of the known universe. Aster (Game of Thrones alum Lena Headey) mysteriously meets the lonely beacon keeper Halan (played by Homecoming‘s Stephan James) in the darkest corners of space. A battle of wills follows in Beacon 23‘s mysterious world, with James’ character questioning whether Aster is a friend or a formidable foe with a hidden agenda.

In an interview with TheWrap to discuss the already-renewed Beacon 23 season 2, Mazzara was asked what the second outing would include. Mazzara, who also worked on The Walking Dead franchise, noted that the show’s themes of trauma, isolation, and connection would continue to be explored. He also stated that the sci-fi drama will continue its examination of A.I. in a “very, very, very interesting way” and expand to other beacons, beacon keepers, and different cultures. Read his full comment below:

As we continue to explore our characters, we continue to explore issues of trauma, and isolation, and connection. And of course, AI — we expand our conversation about AI in a very, very, very interesting way, moving forward.

And one of the things is that we then expand the world to include different cultures, different parts of this world we haven’t seen before. All still rooted around the beacon itself, but we do end up learning more about, other beacon keepers, other beacons, how they work both in the present and the past. But we also introduce some, I think, very interesting cultures.

The show was a joy to work on. It was just a great cast, a great group, a great crew, a great post team. And we like with any show, you learn more about the material as you go on, you improve as you go on. And I just think future seasons, we learn more about the world of Beacon 23. And I think we push into it and explore it in a very exciting way.

Beacon 23 Season 1 Ends On A Cliffhanger

The show mainly stars Heady and James, with Natasha Mumba as Harmony, Aster’s A.I. assistant of sorts. Others pass through the beacon, including horror movie luminary Barbara Hershey and Barry‘s Stephen Root. These can sometimes be in flashbacks. But the way the series works is that most of the characters who visit Aster and Halan end up dying horribly for one reason or another. The first eight episodes turn into a futuristic paranoid thriller in a confined space, but the reasons for that paranoia and what’s actually going on are not fully clear.

In the finale, written by series creator Zak Penn and Ira Steven Behr and directed by Tessa Blake, Aster is the one who ends up on the receiving end of the paranoia. She’s shot with a concussive gun by a cultist and hits her head as she falls back. With her eyes wide open, it’s unclear how Aster survives the shot. It happens just as her connection with Halan is on solid ground.


Lena Headey’s New Sci-Fi Role Is The Perfect Follow-Up To Game of Thrones

Lena Heady is best known for her role as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, but now, her newest role will give her a fresh but familiar look.

Beacon 23 will have to answer several key story threads about its character developments and the lingering questions it has left behind. But it’s now confirmed that the drama plans to grow its focus beyond just the central trio of Aster, Halan, and Harmony, perhaps providing a deeper understanding of what is really taking place in a world where just about everybody can’t seem to be trusted completely.

Source: TheWrap

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