Batman’s Anti-Green Lantern Contingency Has a 0% Chance of Success


  • Batman’s plan to defeat Green Lantern using a Sinestro Corps ring is a terrible idea considering he has zero experience with the weapon.
  • Batman’s contingency plan fails against the evil Power Ring and would have been even worse if he was fighting the actual Hal Jordan.
  • The fact that Batman summons Sinestro to Earth by accident shows that not only can he not beat Green Lantern, but he also brings forth a powerful villain.

Not all of Batman’s famous contingency plans can be winners, as shown by how Batman’s anti-Green Lantern plan has a zero-percent chance of working. Batman’s grand idea to take down a Green Lantern is to use a weapon with which Batman has zero experience and that Green Lantern has spent almost his entire career fighting.

When the entire Earth was taken over by the Crime Syndicate, the Justice League was banished from the planet, with only Batman managing to escape. Having to face evil versions of the entire League, Batman begins gathering his contingency plans to take them down, as seen in Forever Evil #4 by Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend, Sonia Oback, and Rob Leigh. When he is confronted by Power Ring, an evil version of Green Lantern, Batman takes out a yellow ring from the Sinestro Corps— which is actually a terrible idea.

Batman claims he has to fight fire with fire, but he ends up being completely overwhelmed and disarmed in a few minutes, and this is against a weaker version of Green Lantern than the one Batman is used to. His contingency plan fails against Power Ring and would’ve been an even bigger failure had he been fighting the actual Hal Jordan.


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Batman’s brief stint as a Green Lantern was enough to prove that green uniform just isn’t his color. He always finds a way to do his own thing.

Batman’s Plan to Use a Sinestro Corps Ring Absolutely Backfires

Power RIng Disarms Yellow Lantern Batman

Batman has contingency plans that rely on a many different weapons and ideas, but Batman can’t possibly train with everything. The Lantern Rings are handed out to specific people who spend most of their time in space; getting hands on one certainly isn’t easy, and practicing with one is even harder. Hal Jordan has trained with his Green Lantern ring ever since he became a superhero, but Batman mostly tries to rely on pure force of will to beat Power Ring, and he ends up losing almost instantly. Batman’s anti-Green Lantern plan really makes no sense when one stops to think about it.

In order to defeat Green Lantern, Batman plans to use a weapon with which he has absolutely no experience, and against someone who is highly trained at battling said weapon. It’s really not a great plan, and it’s made even worse by how Batman uses this Yellow Lantern Ring to fight Power Ring: he immediately and accidentallt summons Sinestr. Sinestro is a major villain in Green Lantern lore and is the leader of the Sinestro Corps, who all use yellow power rings. Sinestro outright says he was summoned to Earth to retrieve the ring that Batman was so carelessly using. So not only can Batman not beat Green Lantern, he also summons a powerful villain who Batman is unlikely to bring down.

Batman Could Never Defeat Green Lantern with This Plan

Comic book panels: a white superhero in a green mask (Green Lantern) breaks a yellow power ring.

Batman has had some truly brilliant contingency plans over the years, such as overloading Superman’s powers by turning his skin transparent or making Aquaman hydrophobic. But using a yellow power ring against Green Lantern definitely isn’t the best plan that Batman has ever had. While fans love to point out that Batman fighting super-powered characters often wouldn’t go well for the Dark Knight, it’s only Green Lantern that Batman has a zero-percent chance to beat — at least with his current plan.

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