90 Day Fiancé: Did Daniele Divorce Yohan After The Tell All?


  • Daniele Gates discovered that her husband, Yohan Geronimo, had been involved with at least 50-60 mistresses during their relationship.
  • Yohan had been using Daniele for money and had been in multiple relationships at the same time, tricking women into giving him money.
  • Despite their tumultuous relationship, Daniele is still married to Yohan and has no plans to remove her “Yohan” tattoo.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Daniele Gates claimed she was going to divorce Yohan Geronimo during the Tell All, but it appears she may have changed her mind. Daniele, from New York, met Yohan in the Dominican Republic, where she was on vacation with her family. Despite Daniele and Yohan’s ten-year age difference, they got engaged and married five months later in 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise season 2. Daniele had told Yohan he would be coming to the U.S. with her. However, she changed her mind and decided she could move to the DR instead.

Yohan gained sympathy from fans because his wife had made a fool out of him by crushing his American dream. However, as Daniele and Yohan’s story unfolded on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, it became clear Yohan had been using Daniele for money and married her because she was American. Yohan called his life a horror story because Daniele wasn’t behaving the way he wanted her to. What Yohan hadn’t mentioned was that he was in multiple relationships at the same time, so he could trick women across the world into giving him money.


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Daniele Discovered Yohan Had 50–60 Mistresses

Daniele said she had put up with how Yohan was behaving towards her because their day-to-day life in the DR was positive as long as he had money. Yohan thought he had found a cash cow, but Daniele was trying to tell him they needed to do things together. Daniele first spoke about Yohan’s mistresses during the finale. It had been a month since Yohan left the house when a woman DM’ed Daniele and told her that she had been in a relationship with Yohan for two years, months before he married Daniele. The woman had met Yohan’s father and nephew and even visited his apartment.

The woman sent Daniele pictures Yohan had sent her, including nudes. Daniele went through Yohan’s computer to discover at least six other women had been in an inappropriate relationship with her husband. These were women that Yohan had either reached out to ask for money and had video conversations with or women he was planning to meet up with. Yohan wanted cash from Daniele and single women he had reached out to “because he was collecting money.” Daniele didn’t know where the money was now, but said there was “woman after woman after woman.

Shaun Robinson asked Daniele if she knew how many women Yohan had hooked up with since he got together with Daniele. She did not keep count, but Daniele had several screenshots, which led her to believe the number was “probably close to like 50 or 60.” A woman named Memori was invited to the reunion to dish out more dirt on Yohan. The woman said Yohan had approached her by sliding into her Facebook messages to say “hello.” He started asking her if she was married and had kids, but eventually told her to visit the DR, so he could give her a tour. “You can just come here and see me,” Memori recalled Yohan saying.

Daniele Announced She Wanted To Divorce Yohan

According to Memori, Yohan had told her that he was single and going through a divorce. She remembered Yohan telling her Daniele was going to take “everything” from him. When Shaun turned to Yohan to ask him if he knew Memori, he said “no,” and asked Memori to show proof of their conversation. Memori fished out her phone to show the messages Yohan had sent her and even read some of them out loud. Yohan was also asking Memori to send him her picture and asking her where she lived. “I don’t remember the conversation,” Yohan claimed. Yohan allegedly messaged Memori “hello” in June 2023.

The cast agreed Yohan didn’t remember Memori because he had so many women he was talking to. Meanwhile, Daniele also said one of her clients at her retreat was involved with Yohan, where he used his “position” in his business for his own sexual benefit. Daniele claimed Yohan had picked up a woman using their retreat van, and the second time, he engaged in a relationship with one of the women there. Daniele had proof because she had found a picture on Yohan’s computer of a conversation Yohan had with the woman. Daniele reached out to her and later received an email.

The woman apologized to Daniele and claimed it was Yohan who messaged her first and not the other way around. Daniele was certain Yohan had a physical relationship with the woman. Yohan told Daniele he was never unfaithful but wished he had been because that would have made him “feel better.” Yohan kept insisting he never cheated on Daniele. He said there was no video proof of him cheating, so the allegations can’t be true. “Daniele lies a lot,” he insisted. Eventually, Daniele said she was “absolutely” going to file for divorce.

Daniele Is Still Married To Yohan In December 2023

Daniele 90 Day Fiance Instagram

Daniele said she was separated from Yohan at the start of the Tell All in Part 1. Later, Yohan revealed they met up just two weeks before filming the reunion. Daniele said she had dinner with Yohan’s family. Some 90 Day Fiancé alums on stage, including Tania Maduro, reminded Daniele that Yohan had lied and cheated on her, so he didn’t deserve her friendship. However, Daniele said she valued his mother and sisters, who were good people, despite her relationship with Yohan. Daniele admitted his family was important to her.

According to Yohan, he and Daniele had agreed that they didn’t have to be enemies, even after splitting up, so it was easy for them to reunite for dinner. Moreover, Daniele confessed she had a habit of maintaining “positive relationships” with her exes and was trying to keep the habit going. During Part 3, Kalani asked Daniele to “please” not be friends with Yohan after what happened during the Tell All. Holly Weeks also told Daniele she was “much better than that.” When the Tell All came to an end, Daniele said, “It’s all over.

Daniele said she was “done” and ready to move on with her life. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Tell All was filmed in September 2023, and in December 2023, when a fan on Instagram asked Daniele if she was “still married to Yohan?” Daniele replied, “Yes. Last week was our 2-year anniversary!Daniele confirmed she hasn’t divorced Yohan. Daniele also doesn’t plan on removing the large “Yohan” name tattoo she has on her arm, which she thinks is one of her “prettier tattoos and it’s not going anywhere.”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Tell All came to an end on Sunday, December 18.

Source: Daniele Gates/Instagram

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