90 Day Fiancé: 8 Signs Liz Woods Turned Into A Monster


  • Liz Woods may be using her relationship with Big Ed Brown for fame and attention.
  • Liz has a history of explosive tantrums and volatile behavior on camera.
  • Liz’s jealousy and insecurity have caused problems in her relationship with Big Ed.

Liz Woods from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has gone from being a likable single mother to a despicable woman in her last few years with Big Ed Brown. The San Diego native met her middle-aged partner before their debut on 90 Day: The Single Life. At the time, she worked at Ed’s favorite restaurant, where they first connected. Ed and Liz never had compatibility, as proven by their first awkward kiss. Despite that, they continued being together and made it through numerous seasons. The couple broke up nearly eleven times in the first three years of their relationship.

Besides the obvious age gap, Liz and Ed’s biggest issue was their behavior toward each other. Liz claimed she loved Ed and put up with his abuse. She didn’t mind that he kicked her out, forced her to lose weight, asked her to deny job opportunities, and even accused her of being a lesbian. Ed showed no growth, becoming the villain in his relationship with Liz. In 2023, the couple finally said enough was enough and joined 90 Day: The Last Resort to evaluate if they should break up or settle in Arkansas. They underwent therapy and decided to stay together.

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8 Liz Woods May Be A Clout Chaser

Liz Enjoys Being A Famous Reality Star

While most fans consider Ed a monster, it’s hard to deny that Liz’s actions have been just as bad. Over the years, Liz has been accused of clout chasing, indicating that she may have simply stayed with Ed for ulterior motives. From being a restaurant employee to becoming an Instagram influencer with over 250k followers, Liz has seen sharp growth in a fairly insignificant amount of time. Nowadays, she’s promoting different brands and businesses on social media. She has reached such a milestone despite possessing no specific talent. Liz appears to have chosen reality TV clout over self-respect.

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7 Liz Woods Is Known For Her Wild Tantrums

Liz Has Lost Her Temper Several Times On Camera

Liz is an extremely wild person with clear issues. When she debuted in the series, she was seen as a sensible woman who knew her worth. However, her personality worsened with every episode, and she became increasingly unhinged. Liz has exploded in front of cameras numerous times over the smallest issues. One of her most notorious meltdowns happened in the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, when she fought with Ed after he asked her a stupid question. The then-29-year-old woman walked barefoot and ran away from the party event.

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6 Liz Woods Is A Jealous Woman

Liz Feels Insecure In Her Relationship With Big Ed

Liz is quite a jealous person. In the past season, Ed has been called out for being jealous of Liz’s closeness to another female friend. However, Liz also deserves the blame for not accepting Ed’s photography job out of jealousy. In a previous episode, Liz accompanied Ed while he worked with a model. She didn’t like that Ed was nice to the model and got mad about his behavior. Liz should’ve known that Ed was a photographer who had to deal with female models before starting a relationship with him.

5 Big Ed’s Doubted Liz Woods’ Sexuality

Liz Wanted To Be In A Romantic Relationship With A Woman

One of Ed and Liz’s most tumultuous moments happened during their engagement party. The two cast members were ready to enjoy their big day when Ed noticed Liz’s proximity to a female friend. He called her out for having feelings for her, which became a whole argument. While Ed was wrong to doubt Liz’s sexuality like that, she was also at fault for making Ed feel like that. In the past, Liz had told Ed that being with him had made her want to try out dating women. If she hadn’t said that, Ed wouldn’t have been so paranoid.

4 Liz Keeps Taking Big Ed Back

Liz Fails To Set Boundaries With Big Ed

Liz has endured a lot of abuse from Ed, but it’s hard not to blame her for that. Ed is certainly a monster for mistreating Liz, kicking her out of his house, and using her. But Liz also deserves the blame for staying with Ed for her benefit. She claims that her love for her partner makes her keep coming back. However, it’s clear that if she had put her foot down, it wouldn’t have led her to face the challenges she had with him. Liz enabled Ed’s abuse and became an active participant. She should’ve taken a lesson from Ed’s ex, Rose Vega, and moved on.

3 Liz Woods Feuds With 90 Day Fiancé Castmates

Liz Initiates Fights With Co-Stars For No Reason

When Ed and Liz appeared in 90 Day: The Single Life, they had very distinct personalities. Ed seemed like the drama guy who never shut up and did absurd things. In comparison, Liz seemed like a woman who was more level-headed and down-to-earth. Unfortunately, things changed when Liz returned to the reality TV series and began poking co-stars during Tell All and other reunions. The latest example comes from 90 Day: The Last Resort when Liz told Angela Deem that she never lets others speak. Her tone and baseless accusation made meemaw angry, which turned into a major fight.

2 Liz Woods Always Wants Big Ed Brown To Change

Liz Woods Doesn’t Accept Big Ed’s True Nature

Big Ed and Liz on 90 Day The Last Resort holding champagne

Good partners don’t want to change their significant others. Instead, they try to find common ground and grow with their partners. However, Liz never accepted Ed for who he was, pushing him to change himself. She knew Ed had a funny bone in him. He had always liked to joke around, lighten the mood, and be the funny one in the room. Liz understood it was Ed’s personality trait but complained about it on 90 Day: The Last Resort. She tried to make him feel like something was wrong with his humor-oriented personality and asked him to change that.

1 Liz Woods Could Be Faking Her Love For Big Ed Brown

Liz Doesn’t Seem To Truly Appreciate Big Ed As Her Partner

Big Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 7 wearing denim vest

All the above evidence proves that Liz is probably not with Ed out of love. She is likely faking a relationship with Ed because he’s a reality TV icon with a decent net worth. If Ed wasn’t financially secure, any woman would’ve broken up with him long ago. He certainly doesn’t have a charming personality, and his red flags outweigh the positives by a huge margin. Moreover, it’s hard to believe that the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum truly wants to build her future with a man nearly thirty years older than her.

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