90 Day Fiancé: 8 Signs Libby Potthast Turned Into A Monster


  • Libby allows her husband to scream at her family, showing a lack of respect and maturity.
  • She acts like a spoiled brat, taking advantage of her father’s financial support without appreciation.
  • Libby defends her husband’s mean behavior and fails to stand up to her family or support her partner.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Elizabeth “Libby” Castravet Potthast has progressively ruined her image with her actions. The 33-year-old reality star debuted in the franchise in 2018. She joined 90 Day Fiancé season 5 and pursued her Moldovan partner, Andrei Castravet. Like most cast members, Libby didn’t have a smooth journey on the show. She had to deal with her family’s disapproval of Andrei and her and Andrei’s various fights. While things looked rough, Libby did power through the issues. She tied the knot with her beau in a sweet and emotional ceremony.

In January 2019, Libby and Andrei welcomed their first child, Ellie. They shared their journey on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, where tensions between Andrei and his in-laws blew out of proportion. Libby welcomed her second child, Winston Leo Castravet, with Andrei in October 2022. Most recently, the couple dealt with Andrei’s visa-related issues and potential deportation. However, social media posts show they are happy and together in the United States.


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9 Libby Potthast Lets Andrei Castravet Yell At Her Family

Andrei Castravet Screamed At Libby Potthast’s Mom


Libby is a great mother, but she’s certainly a bad child. Over the years, the Florida woman has allowed her husband to scream at her family. Libby has let Andrei fight with her brother, Charlie Potthast, and debate with her father, Chuck Potthast. In the past, she even let Andrei yell at her mom, which most viewers didn’t like. A Reddit user talked about the scene on social media and wrote (via Ok-Jelly-5767), “how can Libby just stand there.” Another commented, “how can Libby just chill there while he he screaming at her Mom?”

7 Libby Potthast Acts Like A Spoiled Brat

Libby Potthast Doesn’t Want To Be A Responsible Adult

Libby’s family loves her and treats her like a princess. However, she abuses that privilege and often acts like a spoiled brat. Over the years, Libby has misused her father’s kindness and his financial support. She seems to like to freeload off him and rarely shows any appreciation. Recently, a fan shared their views on the Potthast family and Libby’s situation. The fan commented (via Scared-Coyote4010), “the girls in the family have always been spoiled by dad.” Whether it’s Chuck’s fault or not, Libby is mature enough to know better. Despite that, she still acts immaturely.

Libby Potthast Isn’t Trustworthy

Libby has worsened her image with her social media posts and promotions. She has become another one of those wannabe influencers who shill out any product to make money. In December 2023, the mom of two shared a clip of herself promoting a tummy tucker. She demonstrated the product and acted like she couldn’t close her jeans without it. However, sharp-eyed fans noticed that Libby wasn’t being genuine. A social media user commented, “i kinda feel like they’d close tho.” Another stated, “omg, every influencer with this bodysuit. And they all have the same tag line.”

5 Libby Potthast Fails To Call Out Andrei Castravet’s Toxic Masculinity

Libby Potthast Never Corrects Her Husband

90 Day Fiance's Andrei Castravet, with a monster montage in the background

Andrei has always had a rough tone and body language. While some think it’s because he comes from a Moldovan background, others believe it’s his toxic masculinity. However, Libby should put her foot down and tell her husband to behave. Andrei curses a lot on TV, and it makes him look bad. He may be doing the same behind the scenes, which would certainly impact their kids. Libby isn’t doing what she should rightfully do as a matriarch and is letting him be toxic.


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4 Libby Potthast Defends Andrei Castravet’s Mean Behavior

Libby Potthast Makes Excuses For Andrei Castravet’s Questionable Actions

It isn’t good to control your significant other, but far worse to let them destroy themselves. Libby knows that Andrei comes off as mean. She knows that his behavior halted his growth in the United States initially. Despite that, Libby never does anything to help him be better. Instead, she defends his behavior and allows him to misbehave. Previously, Libby shared that fans often see her husband as rude because he’s “just such a strong person.” She claimed he only comes off as rude but isn’t really.

3 Libby Potthast Can’t Stand Up To Her Brother & Father

Libby Potthast Isn’t A Supportive Partner

Some fans also think that Libby is a terrible partner to Andrei because she has allowed her family to intervene. In a previous season, she left her father and brother to hatch a plan against Andrei. The father and son duo tried to meet with Andrei’s longtime friend, Marcel, behind his back and learn more about Andrei’s past. Libby should’ve stood up to her father and brother for their actions. However, she let them do whatever they wanted without realizing how it would affect her husband. It’s hard to tell if Libby lacks a backbone or if she just doesn’t care.

2 Libby Potthast Mocks Her Father On Instagram

Libby Potthast Doesn’t Value Or Respect Her Father

Libby has also shown ungratefulness toward people who care for her. Two years ago, she made fun of her father, Chuck, in a social media post. Libby posted a video of herself and hit back at her father for his old remark. Libby titled the post, “she’s not going to be happy when her sisters are driving Mercedes, and she’s not. – Chuck,” stating what Chuck had said in the past. She then used the video to show off that she isn’t just happy but also owns a Mercedes with her husband.

1 Libby Potthast Is Lazy & Irresponsible

Libby Potthast Wants To Be Taken Care Of

Libby has proven she’s just as lazy as her husband, Andrei. Over the years, the Moldovan man has been accused of not finding a job or working. However, it wasn’t long before Libby was called out for being just as irresponsible as her beau. The 90 Day Fiancé alum has made outrageous demands in the past, like asking her father to fund her second wedding. She has also asked her followers for an insane amount of money during her failed run as an OnlyFans content creator. From her YouTube attempt to her posts, the 90 Day Fiancé cast member has proved she wants the most without working for it.

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