8 Severance Season 2 Theories That Should Actually Happen


  • Season 2 will reset the MDR team, potentially wiping their memories and punishing their rebellion against Lumon.
  • Season 2 will delve deeper into each outie’s life and explore Helly’s connection to the top of the company.
  • Season 2 will explore more departments within Lumon and reveal what is stored in the lower levels and down the elevator.

Severance season 2 has a lot to unpack after the season 1 finale, but some theories are more plausible than others. Severance was released on Apple TV+ in 2022, with a total of 9 episodes that were released between February and April. Before season 1 ended, the series was renewed for a second season, which saw fans of the sci-fi series get very excited to see where things would go next for Mark (Adam Scott) and the others. However, due to strikes and other delays, the series was pushed back until Apple recently teased some incoming news for the production.

As with any sci-fi series, Severance has built a dedicated fanbase of theorists keen to discuss where the show will go in season 2 and beyond. The story follows a small group of employees who have undergone surgery to separate their work lives from their personal lives, completely dividing parts of their brains to function in either setting without any knowledge about the details of the other’s lives. Severance season 1 ended with multiple cliffhangers about the central characters’ dual lives, but season 2 will have to carefully choose how to move the story forward.

8 The MDR Team Will Be Reset With A Clean Slate

Punishing Their Rebellion

The Macrodata Refinement team, consisting of Mark, Irving, Dylan, and Helly, was last seen during their attempt to expose the truth behind severance by using the overtime contingency. Mark, Irving, and Helly were able to explore the world of their outies for a brief time and Helly and Mark even had some success in exposing the truth and telling others. However, Lumon is certainly going to fight back against these claims, and having a public, high-profile figure like Helly disappear would reflect poorly on the company.

Severance’s ominous corporation, Lumon, runs a tight operation, and when their workers step out of line, there are several ways that the company handles these issues. As revealed on the screen of a computer in the offices, there are multiple options for how to handle the MDR team, with most bearing names that give very little away about what they do. But one button does stand out and could be how the MDR team is punished after their rebellion. The “clean slate” button suggests it could wipe the innie’s minds blank and allow Lumon to establish them as new employees with no prior recollection of their rebellion and work.


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7 Severance Season 2 Will Have Much More Attention Focused On Each Outie

Their Lives Exposed

Devon and Mark standing outside a house in Severance.

Now that the secretive identities of each of the core teams outies have been explored slightly, Severance season 2 needs to dig deeper into each of their lives. Particularly Helly, who was revealed to be a descendant of Kier Eagan. Mark’s wife was supposedly killed in a car accident, but as season 1 revealed, she is alive in the company and was used as the wellness counselor, Ms. Casey. Irving has an army background and enjoys painting, and Dylan is a father to three children. The outies appear to have more control of their own lives, so how their innies reaching out affected them will need to be explored.

6 Helly’s Eagan Background Will Be Explored

She Is The Lumon CEO’s Daughter


Helly R. is the most defiant person in the MDR team. Throughout Severance season 1, she desperately tries to make contact with her outie, begging her to resign. As was revealed in the final episode of season 1, Helly is Helena Eagan, the daughter of the current CEO of Lumon, and a descendant of Kier. Helena has strong opinions about the people in the severance program, placing little to no value on their wants, needs, or desires, as she believes them to be fake people, with less value than herself. Exploring this connection to the top of the company and how Helly responds will be pivotal for the story to progress.

5 Severance Season 2 Will Explore More Lumon Departments

What Do They All Do?

Severance' Lumon Industries

Thus far, the show has only really spent time exploring the MDR team and the O&D (Optics and Design) department. Aside from this, there are at least seven other departments that have yet to be explored. With the announcements about many other stars being cast for season 2, it makes sense that more of Lumon will be explored and the other departments unveiled.


Department Name


Macrodata Refinement


Optics and Design


Disposal and Reclamation













4 Severance Season 2 Will Reveal What Is Down The Elevator

Employees That Never Leave

Severance's mysterious elevator

The elevator is such a pivotal part of Severance as a show and the severance procedure for the characters. When the outies turn up to work, they take the elevator down to their intended floor, and on the way, their brains shift from one personality to the other. Some characters, like Ms. Casey, don’t go up the elevator to the outside world, so they are being stored somewhere on the lower levels, likely experiencing some other shift. Reddit user, not_productive1 theorized that some people in comatose states could be stored at lower levels, with severance chips that allow their bodies to function outside their ill and dormant state.

3 Petey’s Daughter June Will Be A Big Part Of Severance Season 2

After Her Father’s Sudden Death


Petey was a big part of Severance season 1, encouraging Mark to ask questions and discover more about what is really happening at Lumon. Petey was the first person to undergo reintegration, which allowed him to combine his innie and outie and experience both aspects of his life with his memories intact. Petey did what he could to leave clues for Mark in the MDR office, but it would be reasonable to assume he also shared information with his daughter June, who could have a much bigger role in season 2.


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2 Cloning Will Play A Part In Severance Season 2

The Goats Are Clones

Severance season 1 dropped several hints that suggest cloning will be a part of the upcoming season. With the mysterious goat room which houses several baby goats and a single man in a suit feeding them from a bottle. The clinical nature of the scene, as well as the unusual placement in the center of an office block underground, could hint at these goats being clones. Cloning could be an interesting idea for the Eagan family and Lumon at large to bring back Kier, artificially extend human life, and create a new market to profit from, bringing back dead loved ones and ensuring life continues beyond death.

1 The “Revolving” Meaning Finally Revealed

Jame Eagan’s Cryptic Line To Helena

A closeup of James Eagan's face in Severance.

Helly’s father, Jame Eagan, the current CEO mentions a “revolving” to Helly R. while she is occupying Helena’s body outside in the season 1 finale. Considering the ways that this series plays with people’s minds, separates their brains, and seeks to perpetuate life unnaturally, this sinister comment bears significant weight. Whether the “revolving” is some sort of severance for the former CEOs, a reintegration of Kier Eagan’s mind with Lumon CEOs, or something else entirely, the true meaning needs to be addressed in Severance season 2.