8 Biggest Questions What We Do In The Shadows Season 6 Must Answer Before The Show Ends


  • Guillermo’s transformation into a vampire was not initiated by Nandor, but by Derek, breaking trust and code.
  • Laszlo may figure out how to become a daywalker, considering his experimentation and previous experience.
  • A serious vampire hunter enemy might be introduced in season 6, providing a compelling storyline and a thrilling conclusion to the series.

What We Do In The Shadows is ending with season 6, but there are still a lot of questions the vampire comedy needs to answer before it concludes. Seasons 1 & 2 mostly followed the day-to-day lives of vampire roommates Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, Colin Robinson, and Nandor’s familiar Guillermo, who kept up their majestic manor on Staten Island all the while longing to join their cohort as a creature of the night. An episodic formula soon gave way to something more serialized, with seasons 3, 4 & 5 having several storylines that carried over into the next season, particularly surrounding Guillermo’s pursuit of vampirism.

In season 5, Guillermo began transforming into a vampire, which seemed like it could usher in a new era of storytelling or be the end of Guillermo’s arc. It might seem like Guillermo’s arc is coming full circle with his discovery that vampirism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but the rest of the characters in What We Do In The Shadows still need to find closure to their narratives. For many fans assuming the series would join the ranks of FX’s beloved long-running series like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, news of What We Do In The Shadows season 6 is like a stake through the heart.

8 Will Nandor Turn Guillermo Into A Vampire?

Guillermo Ultimately Rejected Vampirism But He Was Never Turned By Nandor

Guillermo’s vampiric transformation was the result of being bitten by Derek, not by Nandor, breaking not only Nandor’s trust but also vampiric code. After discovering that he didn’t have the killer instinct necessary to be a full-fledged vampire, Guillermo ultimately rejected vampire status and returned to being a human before the transformation to becoming a member of the undead was complete. Even though Guillermo seemed to conclude that becoming a vampire was more of a teenage fantasy based on the glamorous and powerful lifestyle he perceived, his vampire storyline could still be a driving force behind his arc given that he was never turned specifically by his master.

7 Will Laszlo Figure Out How To Become A Daywalker?

He Discovered The Ability Once Before


In one of the best episodes of What We Do In The Shadows season 5, Laszlo had a day out at the beach in which he experienced what it was like to be a daywalker. Given how much of a mad scientist Laszlo is, and how much of a priority experimenting with Guillermo’s vampirism was in the last season, it makes sense that Laszlo could be headed towards a breakthrough for vampire kind. Having their “day in the sun” could be just what vampires in the series need to discover more meaning in their lives, and reconnect with their humanity after hundreds of years of being on its periphery.

6 Will There Be A Serious Vampire Hunter Enemy?

So Far The Threats Against The Vampires Have Been Weak

Guillermo with a wooden stake in What We Do in the Shadows

Guillermo is descended from infamous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, and his skills as a vampire hunter have made him an excellent bodyguard for his vampire friends. However, the gang has yet to face a serious vampire hunter enemy in five seasons, which might be something that is being saved for season 6. Not only would it make a compelling storyline to tease throughout the entire season, but also give the final season of What We Do In The Shadows a bit of gravity, with Guillermo having to defend his housemates in a showdown that not only highlights his combat skills but ensures the series goes out with a bang.

5 What Will Happen To The Guide?

She’s Always Been An Ancillary Character

The Guide was made a recurring character in season 5 after being a guest star in earlier seasons and has been part of ancillary plots so far. Her biggest storylines have involved starting a Vampire Night Club with Nadja and making her believe she’s the victim of a hex. But will anything substantial happen to The Guide’s character in season 6, given that a foundation for her character hasn’t been firmly established over the past five seasons? Characters like The Guide, The Baron, and Jenna deserve to have their arcs seen through to conclusion even if they’re mentioned off-screen.

4 Will Guillermo & Nandor Become Nandermo?

The Chemistry Has Been There Since Season 1

Nandor cleaning Guillermo off

A deep intimacy has been seemingly building between Guillermo and Nandor since the first season, and fans have been wondering if “Nandermo” will ever become a fully-fledged relationship before the series ends. It’s been firmly established that the vampires in the What We Do In The Shadows universe will have sex with anyone for carnal enjoyment (or even just boredom), but true intimacy with a life partner is harder to find. Nandor has tried and failed to find such a person in past seasons, and season 6 might be the time that he realizes his true life mate has been living under the same roof the entire time.

3 What Do Laszlo, Nadja, And Nandor Look Like In Their True Forms?

Guillermo & The Baron Have Already Been Done

The Baron in What We Do in the Shadows

Given that fans were introduced to The Baron and The Sire as a bat-monster in earlier seasons and got a taste of Guillermo in “true” vampire form, it seems like season 6 of What We Do In The Shadows would be the perfect time to show Laszlo, Nadja, and Nandor in their true forms. While the vampires have been bloodthirsty more than once, seeing them in their fully animalistic incarnations would remind viewers that they are still killers, even though they’re also beloved characters who inspire hilarious comedy. A storyline surrounding a spell or accidental reversal of their appearance would also showcase the show’s excellent practical effects.

2 Will Nandor Find Meaning In His Immortal Life?

He Should Be Called Nandor The Nihilistic

Nandor at the gym in What We Do in the Shadows

Throughout the series, Nandor tries to find meaning in his immortal life as entropy sets in. His moniker is Nandor the Relentless, but it might as well be Nandor the Nihilistic by season 6 after trying and failing to find a connection (even with humans)at various places like the gym or even among Sean and the neighbors. Nandor wants a pursuit worthy of his early days as a conqueror but just hasn’t found it, and if it’s not living a content life with Guillermo, then it will need to be something worthy of his character to finish out the series strong.

She Just Wants To Belong Somewhere

Nadja often shares fond memories of her village, and even in Staten Island, she tries to recreate a sense of community around her. For a time, it seemed like she did with the Antipaxos as well as the Vampire Night Club, but in the end, these bastions of belonging didn’t work out. Before What We Do In The Shadows ends, Nadja deserves to be in an environment that brings out her loving, nurturing, and enthusiastic side, rather than the shrieking, malcontent version of herself that’s been dominant heading into season 6.

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