7 Best Skills To Unlock First In Persona 5 Tactica

In Persona 5 Tactica, the gameplay has been updated and changed from previous installations, and one of these changes was in the skill trees. As in many games, choosing the right skills for different characters is important as it determines how you play the game. Persona 5 Tactica utilizes turn-based battle gameplay, meaning each move matters and skills that affect those must be chosen carefully.

There are eight playable characters in Persona 5 Tactica, plus the support character of Futaba and a few characters that are only available from DLC additions. Each character has unique skills and abilities, spread out on three different skill trees per character. Futaba’s skill tree differs from the others, but for everyone else, there is an Active Skill Tree, a Passive Skill Tree, and A Rebellious Resolve Skill Tree, which has the same skills but in different unlock order for each character.

Each Skill Tree can be reset at any time. Due to the ability to change skills between characters, this list will focus on the best skills for various situations. There are also more skills associated with slotting other Personas or Special Fusion recipes, but these are essential skills for various party members as they come.

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7 A Rebellious Resolve

Increase Movement Speed

This skill is handy to grab when necessary and then unlearn when it’s not needed. God-like speed is costly, but it can give the character an extra block of movement at crucial moments, allowing them to get where they need to go if they are just in sight of the spot they should be in. A little extra movement can also be gained from Stop & Go, but while that one has an added condition of coming after Dashing, God-Like Speed has no conditions attached.

6 Flag of Freedom

For Long Battles

Flag of Freedom can be found under Erina’s Active Skill Tree and is one of her unique skills in Persona 5 Tactica. While it has some downsides and negatives in that it can be hard to set up and plan for, Flag of Freedom can be a game-changer when it comes to more prolonged battles on bigger maps. This is because the AOE move breaks the enemies’ cover and gives the party a healing boost, while Erina does not have to be present at the spot you want to target. When you are not in a battle that can take advantage of this, UnGeek from YouTube points out that you should reset your skills every battle to suit the situation.

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5 Auto-Mataru

Boost Attack Stats

One excellent skill that helps finish battles quickly, according to YouTube creator UnGeek, is Ryuji’s Auto-Mataru, which boosts the whole party’s attack at the beginning of battles. For smaller maps that require players to finish quickly, increasing everyone’s damage can reduce the battle to a few critical attacks that will complete the map before the Auto-Mataru has been deactivated. This is a significant advantage for the whole party, sometimes even in longer battles.

4 Queen’s Mafrei

Pull In Enemies

Using the Mafrei Persona to create a vortex in battle in Persona 5 Tactica

Found under Johanna’s High Priestess Skill Tree, Mafrei is an upgrade for the Frei skill that, at its simplest, does light damage in a large area. This is useful on its own, but with Mafrei, it also creates a Vortex, which can move enemies around the map specifically to bring them together. Being able to pick two targets and place them together for an AOE attack or a Triple Threat in Persona 5 Tactica is a significant advantage for the player. It allows you to manipulate the board to your benefit, a crucial strategy for winning each match.

3 The Best Skill For Slowing Enemies Down

Yusuke’s Mabufu

Persona 5 Tactica freezing an enemy in battle using Mabufu

Found under Goemon’s Elusive Outlaw Skill Tree, Mabufu is an extension of the Bufu Skill. This skill also deals light damage but in a medium area, however, the extension adds the ability to inflict Freeze. This allows you to shut down an enemy completely and force them to lose a turn, which is a huge advantage, giving the party more time to set up a bigger attack or deal a lot of damage all at once and preventing you from taking any damage.

2 Gun & Melee Damage Boosts

Best Passive Skill

Several characters, including Joker, Yusuke, Haru, and Makoto, have passive skills that boost either Gun or Melee Damage. Depending on your playstyle and build, these passive boosts are a major consideration when picking which character you want to take to your party, as demonstrated on the PlayStation Official’s YouTube channel. Any damage boost helps complete battles faster and take less damage. All of these skills can be further boosted in the Passive Skill Trees.

1 Auto-Masuku

Movement Buff

Persona 5 Tactica Fox's Skill Tree showing the Speed Master Skill which gives an Auto-Masuku.

In terms of movement and adaptability, Yusuke’s Auto-Masuku spell is hard to top. Like Auto-Mataru, it affects every character at the start of the fight for three turns, but instead of boosting damage, it gives them a +2 bonus to movement for that time. This is a huge buff and greatly helps players get around maps and get those significant AOE attacks early on in fights. It is one reason to unlock this skill first in Persona 5 Tactica.

Source: UnGeek/YouTube; PlayStation/YouTube

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