1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy & Amy Slaton Refuse To Have Fun & Ruin Family Bonding Moment


  • Key Takeaways:
  • Tammy and Amy Slaton are refusing to have fun at a family get-together, irritating fans and others.
  • Chris Combs tried to organize a stick horse race, but the Slaton sisters refused to participate, citing their weight as a reason.
  • Amy’s behavior has been criticized, while viewers are enjoying watching Chris and defending his efforts to make good memories.

1000-Lb Sisters’ stars Tammy and Amy Slaton are playing spoilsports and refusing to have fun at a family get-together, much to the annoyance of everyone, including fans. YouTube was where Amy and Tammy from Kentucky first found fame before the 2020 reality TV show began documenting their weight-loss attempts. Amy qualified for bariatric surgery in 2019 and is now 230 pounds, while Tammy underwent surgery in 2022 and currently weighs 285 pounds. Tammy and Amy have come a long way while inspiring their fans along the way. However, the sisters’ sour mood in a new episode is coming across as quite irritating.

ET posted a clip from 1000-Lb Sisters showing Chris Combs trying to start a stick horse race, and Tammy and Amy giving excuses not to participate.

Chris came up with the idea of having a relay race riding a stick pony. Chris wanted everybody to “look like idiots and have fun doing it.” As the rest of the ladies decided to be good sports and race the stick horses, the 1000-Lb Sisters declared, “I ain’t riding on it though” and “I ain’t doing it, and you ain’t doing it.” Amy told the cameras, “That’s a stick! We are fat people, why are you going to ride a stick?”


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Amy Slaton’s Brother Accuses Her Of Being “Lazy”

Chris Combs Amy Tammy Slaton 1000-lb Sisters

Amy called the stick horse a “toothpick.” Chris expressed his disappointment at how his sisters behaved at the party during his confessional. Chris noted that Tammy’s mobility was “1000 percent better” than it used to be, but she refused to jump around holding the stick horse between her legs. Chris expected Tammy to come out in her wheelchair. “But you know….” Laughed Chris, understanding why Tammy refused to participate. But Amy, it’s just Amy being lazy, to be perfectly honest,” Chris admitted. “I am so sick and tired of Amy complaining about absolutely everything,” a fan wrote in the comments.

Someone else mocked Amy for not being “as funny as she thinks she is” because of her constant swearing even around her two little boys. They asked Amy to “grow up” and act her age. Meanwhile, viewers are enjoying watching Chris on screen. One of the commentators defended Chris for just trying his best to make good memories and have fun. All that he wanted was for his sisters to get up and get active while they, too, could join the others and have a good time. Amy, meanwhile, has been advised to dry her eyes and feel confident about herself, so she can find a new love who treats her well.

Amy tried to cope with the extreme stress from her split in the best way that she could. The pressure to lose weight, her back-to-back pregnancies, and the end of her marriage made Amy go through great turmoil on 1000-Lb Sisters. However, Amy has been showing off her new man, Tony Rodgers on TikTok after her breakup with Michael Halterman. Amy looks happy now and may have finally found someone who will never wipe the smile off her face. Perhaps the next time that Chris organizes a stick horse race, Amy will be willing to ride the “toothpick.”

1000-Lb Sisters airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: ET/YouTube