10 Horror Filmmakers We’d Love To See Direct A Future Scream Movie


  • The future of the Scream franchise is uncertain, but these 10 horror filmmakers would be great choices to direct a future movie in the series, bringing their unique styles to the slasher genre.
  • Scream VI is set to release in 2023, but controversy surrounding the studio’s handling of the cast has caused development troubles for Scream VII. Despite this, the franchise will continue, and these directors should helm a film.
  • Directors like Ti West, David Bruckner, Zach Cregger, James Wan, Gerard Johnstone, Michael & Danny Philippou, Halina Reijn, Michael Dougherty, Sam Raimi, and Guillermo del Toro all have the potential to bring fresh and exciting perspectives to the Scream franchise.

The future of the Scream franchise is unclear, but we’d love to see these 10 horror filmmakers direct a future movie in the series. Scream is the product of legendary horror director Wes Craven, with it following up on his iconic A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. However, since Wes Craven has sadly passed away, other horror filmmakers have taken over the slasher series, such as Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Scream has become a vehicle for horror directors to bring their unique styles to the slasher genre, and these 10 directors need to take a swing at Scream.

The Scream franchise is one of the most recognizable slasher series ever, with it originating in 1996 and still releasing movies to this day, with Scream VI releasing in 2023. While Scream VII is reportedly on the way, the film has run into some development trouble due to various controversies surrounding the studio’s handling of the cast in the wake of some public statements. Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon was supposed to direct the seventh entry, but he has since left the project. Despite this, Scream will undoubtedly continue in the future, and these directors should helm a film.


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10 Ti West

Known For X, Pearl

Pearl with her hands in prayer

Ti West is one of the modern titans of the slasher film, with his movie X being a beloved homage to the grindhouse slashers of the 1970s and 1980s, particularly the iconic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. X was followed up by Pearl and will soon be turned into a trilogy with the release of MaXXXine, showing that he still has a clear interest in the genre. Scream started out as a parody and homage of very similar slasher movies, and if West can pull this off in his movies, he could definitely do it in an established franchise.

9 David Bruckner

Known For The Night House, Hellraiser (2022)


For a more serious Scream movie, one of the best picks would be The Night House director David Bruckner. David Bruckner has made a name for himself directing popular horror movies that play into the tropes and conventions of the classics of the genre, but they take themselves seriously. Bruckner has shown that he isn’t afraid of tackling a previously established franchise, with him directing the 2022 Hellraiser reboot, so it’s possible that he could hop on the Scream ship and take the series in an all-new direction.

8 Zach Cregger

Known For Barbarian

Barbarian close-up to The Mother

Although the original Scream movie is a slasher, it is also a comedy, something that hasn’t been as prevalent in recent entries. However, if a future Scream movie wants to return to the franchise’s roots, a fantastic choice would be the recent shining star of horror comedies, Zach Cregger. Cregger is the director of 2022’s Barbarian, one of the most talked-about horror films of the 2020s. Cregger’s time as part of the Whitest Kids U’Know comedy group shows that he has some solid comedic chops, and Barbarian proves that he knows how to mix scares with laughter.

7 James Wan

Known For Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious, Malignant

James Wan is one of the most well-established horror directors of the past few decades, with him being the mind behind some of the biggest horror franchises. James Wan created the horror franchises Saw, The Conjuring, and Insidious, showing that he is well-versed in the genre. His name would bring a lot of attention back to the Scream franchise, with many horror fans trusting him to make a good movie. However, the film Malignant is what proves Wan would be perfect for Scream, as the campy tone and mix of humor and seriousness is exactly what Scream needs.

6 Gerard Johnstone

Known For M3GAN

Amie Donald (performer) and Jenna Davies (voice) as M3GAN plugged in with wires while talking in M3GAN

Scream is just one of many popular horror franchises, but what makes the series so special is its viral nature, with it being a hit across multiple generations. Appealing to young audiences is what Scream V and Scream VI excelled at, mostly due to casting actors like Jenna Ortega. Gerard Johnstone would be perfect for continuing this trend, as he is the director of M3GAN, a film that was practically built for social media apps like TikTok. M3GAN inspired all kinds of trends, and a viral marketing campaign is just what Scream needs in order to stay relevant.

5 Michael & Danny Philippou

Known For Talk To Me

Sophie Wilde as Mia In Talk To Me

Michael and Danny Philippou are two of the rising stars in the horror scene, meaning that the duo should take a swing at the Scream franchise. The Philippous are behind 2023’s hit horror film Talk to Me, which centers on a group of teenagers attempting to uncover the mystery of a supernatural artifact. Scream is all about likable teenage characters uncovering a murder mystery, meaning that the Philippous have already proven that they can tackle a horror story exactly like Scream.

4 Halina Reijn

Known For Bodies Bodies Bodies

Rachel Sennott looking up in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Scream centers around young adults attempting to solve a comedic murder mystery, a premise that one recent film has perfectly tackled. Halina Reijn is the director of 2022’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, a hilarious slasher and murder mystery that pulls from the same tropes and conventions that make the Scream franchise so great. The best aspect of Bodies Bodies Bodies is its casting, and with much of the cast exiting Scream VII, new actors will have to be brought in. Reijn could possibly pull from her Bodies Bodies Bodies team, creating a new era of Scream.

3 Michael Dougherty

Known For Trick ‘r Treat, Krampus

Sam in Trick R Treat

Another director that would be fantastic for a future Scream film is Michael Dougherty, the director behind the Trick ‘r Treat franchise. Dougherty has a long history of directing horror pictures, meaning that he is well-versed in the tropes that Scream plays off of. However, his film Krampus is where his Scream potential really shines, with him making a fantastic cult film that mixes comedy and horror to create a unique slasher experience.


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2 Sam Raimi

Known For The Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness, Drag Me To Hell

One of the reasons that Scream was such a big hit initially was the fact that it was created by Wes Craven, a horror legend who created one of the most iconic franchises of all time. While Craven has sadly passed, another director that has a similar career path to him is Sam Raimi, the creator of The Evil Dead franchise. All of the Evil Dead movies mix brutal horror with hilarious gags, with Raimi being the king of the campy tone that Scream pulls from.

1 Guillermo del Toro

Known For The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II, Pan’s Labryinth, Mimic

While it would probably be difficult to get him involved, director Guillermo del Toro would undoubtedly make a fantastic Scream film. Del Toro has been directing critically acclaimed movies for decades now, but many forget that he is well-versed in the horror genre. Guillermo del Toro’s horror filmography contains movies like The Devil’s Backbone, Mimic, Blade II, and more, meaning that he has experimented with all kinds of different tones. Del Toro makes original films as well as franchise films, like Blade II and Hellboy, so the director tackling Scream isn’t impossible.

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